Rally Round Liberties Tree

I hear the distant sound of thunder… resound. I see the village square, and the fruited plain…Where, the son’s of liberty do gather round… There, I did spy… freedom’s garland held high. Today, and tomorrow… too live or die… freemen everyone, their cry.
Let us no more with timid hope, lay fallow… in tyrannies path; for soon, the tyrant would swallow those who dare not… fly. Let loose, the bands that hold us down… No more to be found. Let loose, the fetters forged, by the tyrants power… bound.
Let the People arise… Too share freedoms burden; to, show the way… Too secure the path, where freedom walks; that men may know… America lives. Where hope is not lost… eagles soon fly.
Be of good cheer my good… fellow. For God has given us a home. A home, no tyrant may take… Where hope is sure and liberty… abounds. Here,the son’s of liberty soon shall… resound… to the cry of their forefathers they arise.
Let loose the cannons bark… Let go, the cry of liberty… That tyranny may soon disembark… from the land of the bold. That others, yet unborn, may awake… too, find liberty sure. That the world may know; America holds fast to liberties hope… The land of the brave and home of the free…
Arise ye men of old… take hold of liberties tree; shake hard the root of past mens labor… Make sure the fruit, for others to come. Refresh the tree of liberty, with the blood of those who would bring it low… Let the fields run red, and the rivers bleed, for liberty requires it… of those who will be free.
Rally round the tree of liberty… For cowards dare not take wings nor fly… nor in freedom do they live… whose, hope is lost and resolve soon taken… by tyrants many.
RA Nelson
Col USArmy (Ret)

About usar4me

Retired US Army Colonel... Christian, married with two wonderful daughters and granddaughters.
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