America’s Dilemma

Let us not fear what the world holds… nor what men may do to us. Let us fear the Lord who is able to cast the souls of men into outer darkness… into a lake of fire.

Oft times… we find the world overpowering, in these moments of despair and weakness the Lord is our rock and high tower… let Him become your shield and buckler. Who can be against us if God be for us?

America’s dilemma is rooted in her relationship with God… if she will forsake her own way and will humble herself, repent and pray… then God will hear and heal her lands. But, the arm of repentance is not among the people… and repentance is far from her leadership. God continues to be banned from the Public forum and barred from the minds of the innocent in our schools… Woe, woe, and again woe is the reward for a perverse and wicked generation, that will not hear… and refuses to repent.

Many call upon the Name of the Lord… but do they know Him, truly know Him? Too know the Lord is to be righteous and holy… who among us walks as Christ and lives their lives in His life? Many are called but few are choosen… and yea, wide is the path that leadeth unto destruction but narrow the way and the gate that leadeth unto righteousness.

It is past time that Pastors every where call this Nation unto repentance… Time too expose the wayward ways of many who call themselves Christian’s (Christ like), time to cleans the vessel of righteousness and to put on a white gown without blemish…

Can man offer the Lord the lame and crooked… as his sacrifice in the earth and expect great reward? Why then do Christian’s hold back their best… too often giving only of the margins in their life… of the remnant and surplus of their time and treasure. It is time too give all… all that we have to the Lord that we may become all He has for us to be.

Let us pray for Israel and the nations… for America and her wayward ways… that all men may repent of their wickedness and return unto the God of their Creation. Amen.


About usar4me

Retired US Army Colonel... Christian, married with two wonderful daughters and granddaughters.
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