Has Patience Become An Excuse For Failure?

Patience may be a virtue… but when dealing with those who have no virtue, patients can become an enemy. We must not let excessive caution rule the day or fear destroy our hope.

We are at war for the very soul of our nation… bold strides and broad advances need to replace the pastel and mediocre efforts of the past. America must act while the People still have the framework of a Constitutional Republic to reform. Let patience have her perfect works… but work, she must.

So far, it appears that our patience is not working… In fact, it has become an excuse for failure. Patience must be reinforced with Hope and Hope must have a vision. Where is our hope and a vision for the future. It is not enough to complain. America must organize under a single banner; it must find effective leadership and resourcing capable of developing a plan and a vision that can take root in the people; too, motivate and mobilize, the Spirit of 1776. A nation without a vision will perish. Where is the plan… the vision? Where may we place our patience and hope? Who among us will lead the people and where will they find the resources to wage war with the enemies of liberty?

Those may be hard words… but I believe they are a truthful representation of our current situation; nothing appears to be working, hope is turning to despair, and with it comes the specter of defeat. America can not wait for the next election cycle to begin, our efforts must materialize in the streets of America now… Patience is not working, it has become an excuse for ineffective action and failure.

America’s leaders and wealthy are failing to heed the call of its people… the despots hold our hope at bay and our patience is turning to despair. A people without a vision, a nation without true leadership, and a merchant class, that is unwilling to sacrifice for the good of the whole, will soon turn the American Dream into a nightmare. I call upon those who command the resources, those with the ability to lead, to take the reigns of America while there is yet day light to work anew her foundations… Too, pull down the evil which has occupied our halls of government; too, restore our forefathers vision in a people who are desperate for leadership and renewal.