Remembering This Band Of Brothers Few

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Remembering This Band Of Brothers Few

Ye band of brothers few… whose courage ran red, whose dead did bleed the fields of valor red, whose, sacrifice now speaks to us all… with one voice… they call: Arise take our standard true and stand too. Raise high the banners of liberty’s cause… Once more, sound the trumpet loud… and beat the drummer’s cadence, too muster one and all. Let the cadence of our heart… bear witness to the despots hand… as the righteous rise, in all the land… too, cast off the cursed work of desperate man.

For sooner, did the cowards brace their lesser course…  giving way, before the tide of tyrants many; did these brothers few, this band of Patriots true, charge with steel their homeward course, too give no breath to these lesser men…. they stood in testament to liberties voice.  Stand now ye men of valor true… Lift up thine eyes, and with no more ado, take hold of your heritage… and with the sword of truth stand true. That our Nation may no more suffer the cowards brace; lay hold of our father’s course, and stay true to their race… as a permanent memorial to their courage, embrace the tyrant, and take up your father’s chalice, too drink of liberty while it may be found.

Let us remember this day of memorial… On this day, let us honor, those who answered liberty’s call.  Let us consider their sacrifice… with tears of sorrow for all, who suffered death that we may have tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow, in liberty’s embrace. For those brave few, that band of brothers true, so righteously speak in their silence anew… That we may stand in liberties brace, tomorrow and tomorrow for our heritage and children’s liberty a true memorial too their just cause.

Let this day be no more, a fleeting memory… that catches the wind and then ado. No more, a breath of the past, so desperately needed by we few, we veterans of sorrows fields long lost, long, long ago. Let us gather now our strength, in hollowed remembrance of our fallen comrades… Whose sacrifice did furnish our tables and secured our fortunes, with liberty’s garlands and freedoms embrace, let us remember this day of grace… with every waking day… let us lay our wreaths, our garlands anew…upon those fields of remembrance, recalling our lost brothers true… with equal sacrifice, keeping their cause hollowed and renewed.
We shall never forget… those few, that band of brothers solemn and true; whose blood did run red, whose dead we now memorialize… Whose stead fast courage, did refresh the Tree of Liberty, for you and I.  God bless them all, now and in eternity. For they are the keepers of liberty’s gate, the watchmen on the wall, for us all.  Remember their call, this day, stand tall one and all… for this band of brother’s true… These few gave all… that you and I, need not die, nor perish for the lack of liberty, one for all.

Let us remember those who bore this burden…  many care not to embrace… knowing, that thru their sacrifice, grace brought liberty and prosperity to our gate. That, peace may be our Children’s inheritance and our Grand Children’s heritage. Freedom is not free, and liberty has a price. A price, that must be paid, in a world, where tyrants would deny the whole… their right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  Amen.

Ronald A. Nelson
COL. US Army (ret.)

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When In The Course Of Nations… men are compelled to resist

When in the course of nations men are compelled to resist the odious and prevalent corruption of there fellow man… they most often resort to violence… as the final arbiter of their differences.  Today, we see massive abuses of power being forced upon the common man.  The world is in the grip of an elite and perverted oligarchy of power, entrenched in a political system that offers little recourse.  Choice in the democratic process is now overtly controlled and the general electorate are forced to choose between the lesser of evils…  as, none of the candidates are acceptable to the populace.  The People have no real choice.

It is the common nature of men to suffer long abuse before throwing off their oppressors… Mankind desires to live at peace, as much as possible. It is this nature that has lead us to where we are today: at the portal of a New World Order, where men no longer enjoy the promise of liberty or the American Dream.  After a long period of suffering, the abuse of those who they entrusted with their liberty, the people are awakening to the crack of the tyrants whip, as  the doors of democracy and self-determination are being closed. What awaits the, should they fail to act, in the sound of the slave masters whip.

The Tea Party currently operates at the  margins of political power… show me what they have actually accomplished… what rights have been restored, what abuses reversed, what political power they command?   The facts expose the illusion of success… Since the beginning of this movement those sent to Washington have compromised their principals as the engaged the enemies of our liberty with little to no success. The Swamp is getting larger not smaller.

Facts, facts… not the opium of delusion, must be the standard by which success is measured.  The Tea Party is fractured, has no effective national leadership, and often the few leaders it has are at odds within its own members… There is no NATIONAL MOVEMENT…  there is no recognized leadership, or National Charter to support.  The Tea Party could be of massive importance, if it would UNIFY under a single banner… not as a National Political Party, but as a coalition of Conservatives, who are free to operate within BOTH MAJOR POLITICAL PARTIES; bringing about real Constitutional REFORM to government.

However, the sad truth is that unrecognized CONVENTIONS do little to raise up the Army needed to turn this country around.  Very few people EVEN KNEW or KNOW about the convention in Houston.  It is time to put aside our differences and too unite under a single banner… E Pluribus Unum… out of many one.  Our strength is not in our diversity but in our combined power too produce the NUMBERS needed to gain control of Congress and the Executive Branches of our government… too, purge the courts of the corrupt judges and the bar of those who refuse to honor the Constitution as originally intended..

America faces its greatest challenge to date… will it find the resolve, leadership and unity among its people too meet this challenge or will it go the way of former great Nations… too, join the list of failed attempts to establish a government of the people, by the people and for the people.  Time will tell but the burden of proof and the past don’t bode well for their efforts.  The 2012 election cycle is rapidly becoming one more disappointing effort too brake the hold of the oligarchy of globalist and socialist who control our government… these despots are determined to retain their power by hook or crook and the people, including the Tea Party, appear to be having little impact on the corruption that infests our political process.

God alone is able to restore our nation… and America has banned Him from the public square.  MENE, MENE, TEKEL, UPHARSIN… the hand writing is on the wall… God has numbered America’s days, she has been weighed, judged, and found wanting, the nation is divided and shall be given over too others… the end is upon America as we knew her.

Our only hope is that our Nation will return to her Creator… It is the Creator that is the ultimate guarantor of our life, liberty, and happiness.  If America shall humble herself, pray and seek God’s face,  and turn from her wicked ways; then, God would hear from heaven, forgive her sin, and heal her land.  Our Nations problems are a direct result of its moral decadence… Our abandonment of the God of our fathers.  Political Parties and the governments of men are mere reflections of the social and moral condition of their soul.

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Why Are The People Without Power To Govern?

• Posted by Ronald A. Nelson Col.USA (Ret) on August 23, 2014 at 8:19pm
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The borrower is servant of the lender and the servant subject to his master… to be indebted to others, not only of monetary wealth, but to lack the ability to support themselves as individuals with the essentials of life.

So it is, that the common man is left bereft of the resources needed to faithful resist the tyrants… whose wealth and power consume the bread of the majority, bringing them captive by dependency upon others, for their living. It is a cunning and crafty system, of soft tyranny, that eats away at the foundations of liberty; one, that denies the very will too resist, thru a host of laws and customs, that hinders the ability of the middle class to throw off the chains of bondage.

Beginning with the lack of leaders, with the wealth and will to resist… we have no George Washington’s, Thomas Jefferson’s, John Adams or Ben Franklin’s, willing to lead the commoner or to finance the army needed to reclaim our rights and liberty. Where will the common man find the leaders, of our forefather’s stature, to organize, equip, train, fund and plan, for our emancipation from this oligarchy of tyrants? Where?

It is one thing to define the problem and quite another to solve it… the tyrant has laid his trap and the unsuspecting commoner has fallen into it. The People put their Trust in men, but failed in their duty to resist evil, when it first appeared; being persuaded to eat of the wealth of their neighbors, they soon found their own fields raided and pillaged. The end result is that every man, of common stock, has been deceived and drawn into a battle they cannot win alone.

Isolated, they tremble in fear, knowing what is coming… they look for deliverance from their leaders, only to find they are the very one’s who have forged the chains of their bondage. What then can they do?

They must rise up out of their own misery and take hold of the reigns of government … they must unit as one, in their common need, too restore their Constitutional Republic. Will it be easy? Nay, it will be very difficult. Will they succeed? Only, if they have can find the leaders and muster the resolve, to do what is necessary, too pull down those who have betrayed their trust; too, replace them with true Citizen Politicians, who will serve their term of office and then be willing to return to their homes and businesses… where they must live under the system they have administered. Then justice, tranquility, peace and prosperity, will return to everyman’s house, and our Nation will once again be a city, set upon a hill, a beacon of light in a land of darkness, and liberty will dwell in everyman’s home.

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What Has Death To Do With Creation

What hath death to do with Creation… or the Creator.  Can the eternal be bound by the flesh or the temporal order?  Is darkness able to overtake light, or will the morning dawn, warm the night with the coming of light?  Shall the Son be shrouded by the presence of darkness or the void of space?

 Why then should man suffer when the Creator has granted him peace and eternal life… For sin alone, hath no power over life, save man agree with it… too, rebel against the Spirit of Life, eagerly coveting with sin, the fruit of the flesh.  Wherein, the many struggles of man, are but a witness of  his enmity before God and his covenant with Death…

Wherefore, Death hath carried away man… and his house is full of darkness.  For, without God there is no life or light: No Day Star, to light the way, or too guide men by night.  No hope, for darkness brings with it only despair and fear of the unknown. But hope springs eternal in those whose faith speaks of glory, and the Spirit of life… of the great strength within man, to believe and too receive the hidden manna of God; too, restore our faith and deliver us from Death.

Therefore, cast not your care upon this life or its rewards as they are but fleeting vanity… gone with the wind, apparitions unattainable in this world.  Yeah, layup thy treasures where neither rust nor mold, nor  mouth or worm may destroy them… sow them in eternity that ye may also reap them eternally.  For, the blind lead the blind and the ditch shall swallow them all… but in the Light of Christ we have our abode and sure habitat in Heaven …. a reward that cannot be taken by the temporal order nor refused those who love God.

But he who shall dishonor his word and faith… receives no place among the righteous, he shall not stand in the day of Judgment.  Make ye straight the way of the Lord ye mighty men of God… repent ye sinners and return to thy first love and Grace shall be given thee…yet, once more for God would that none should perish but that all should come to the knowledge of the Truth in Christ Jesus.  Repent I say, while there is still LIGHT in the World to find repentance.

By:  Ronald A. Nelson

COL., US Army (ret.)

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Long Grows The Shadow Of Tyranny Upon The Land

Long grows the shadow of tyranny upon the land… cold, the hand of the despot upon our liberty, falls. Who will stand, who will go, who will answer the call of the fallen…  Whose blood, did pave the streets of liberty. We few, we few men, whose lives did bleed, cry out from the grave… Come, stay the course true and live in peace forever renewed… die not the cowards curse, make sure freedom’s thirst…

Can the bards of time so eloquently lift, their voices to cry …. Give us liberty or give us death… and not be heard?  Can there be so few, yet in this land, too rally round the tree of liberty?  Whose voice shall our children dance too or labor, now; whose cheers of joy shall our wives, great … Will it be free men, or the slaves of a new plantation…

Were comes this cry for justice in our land of law… Who is it, that has turned the servant of the people, too be their master’s… Call.  Will justice be blind, in a land bartered by men, whose black robes so aptly hide their souls… within.  Let the world know, that the law is servant, of the people and the unjust judge will be overturned on appeal, to a people… True.

Woe to the tyrant whose eyes seize upon another’s life and property… thinking to entice the wicked, too engage with him, as his appetite grows bold for more…  Until, there is no more. Then, shall we hear the voice of the oppressed rise to heaven… and the Supreme Judge, of the Land, shall speak judgment upon the wicked.

Look up, for the day grows short… and the sun soon sets; then darkness will cover the wicked, for a time and a season… But in the morning, judgment comes, upon the wings of an angel, it comes… For, the tyrant shall not escape his end… it is certain… deaths curtain, shall embrace him; tomorrow and tomorrow, with an eternity of sorrow.  Greet now they makers voice, with joy… Rejoice for He alone, will bring a conclusion to this all… With liberty, we shall brake the bounds of the despot’s call… with the voice of freedom, we shall rally all.

RA Nelson

Col. US Army (ret)

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Has Patience Become An Excuse For Failure… A nation without a vision shall parish

Patience may be a virtue… but when dealing with those who have no virtue, patients can become an enemy. We must not let excessive caution rule the day or fear destroy our hope.

We are at war for the very soul of our nation… bold strides and broad advances need to replace the pastel and mediocre efforts of the past. America must act while the People still have the framework of a Constitutional Republic to reform. Let patience have her perfect works… but work, she must.

So far, it appears that our patience is not working… In fact, it has become an excuse for failure. Patience must be reinforced with Hope and Hope must have a vision. Where is our hope and a vision for the future. It is not enough to complain. America must organize under a single banner; it must find effective leadership and resourcing capable of developing a plan and a vision that can take root in the people; too, motivate and mobilize, the Spirit of 1776. A nation without a vision will perish. Where is the plan… the vision? Where may we place our patience and hope? Who among us will lead the people and where will they find the resources to wage war with the enemies of liberty?

Those may be hard words… but I believe they are a truthful representation of our current situation; nothing appears to be working, hope is turning to despair, and with it comes the specter of defeat. America can not wait for the next election cycle to begin, our efforts must materialize in the streets of America now… Patience is not working, it has become an excuse for ineffective action and failure.

America’s leaders and wealthy are failing to heed the call of its people… the despots hold our hope at bay and our patience is turning to despair. A people without a vision, a nation without true leadership, and a merchant class, that is unwilling to sacrifice for the good of the whole, will soon turn the American Dream into a nightmare. I call upon those who command the resources, those with the ability to lead, to take the reigns of America while there is yet day light to work anew her foundations… Too, pull down the evil which has occupied our halls of government; too, restore our forefathers vision in a people who are desperate for leadership and renewal.

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