Some Trust In Chariots

Some trust in chariots, and some in horses: but we will remember the name of the LORD our God., In times of trial and testing, He stands with us.   In the heat of battle He gives us rest, Our enemy is brought down and he falls at the command of our Lord, but we remain standing… upright, before our Lord. He hears us when we call and we are not brought low, by our enemy’s sword.

O Lord hear our cry… come set staright the living that thy children may live and not die… for the wicked do rejoice at the folly of thy people’s house… at the lack of knowedge in the midst of thy congregations… Come now O Lord and rebuild the fallen, restore thy heirs to their rightful place… let grace have her perfect work and mercy be renewed wth teh rising sun… give us victory over deaths sons and daughters… for the Church is sore vexed and its prophets have been blinded for a season…. release them now and give them wing with which too fly… to meet they in the Eastern Sky…

Make straight the way of the Lord for He comes… too, sit upon David’s throne … once more to resque His heritage from a rebellous generation and faithless people.

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The Great Reset… and the world economic forum

The application of absolute power… whether thru a Communist or Globalist system matters little to the OPPRESSED… they suffer under both.  It is not as much the form or ideology of government that drives oppression, as it is the application of government by leadership that matters.  Scripture tells us that the people suffer when the unrighteous rule… not necessarily from the form of government… it is the application of government that matters most.  When the righteous rule the people prosper and when evil sits at the head of government the nation suffers.

Capitalism offers the greatest opportunity and freedom for economic endeavor … However the government that operates in a capitalist system can be some of the most oppressive, as witnessed by the FEUDAL State.  The Feudal State is the supreme form of Capitalism… where ‘he who has the gold rules.  Feudalism delivers a government ruled by an elite Aristocracy, with a ‘cast system’ of privilege that controls access to markets and the power of government. In a feudal system, a few own all the means of production, and often less than 1% hold 99% of the wealth.  In this system of capital free markets don’t exist and opportunity is controlled, licensed, and sanctioned by government, and the government is controlled by a plutocracy.  Feudalism is the most extreme example of capitalism.

We are witnessing the collapse of our founding fathers’ free market system of capital, as it is replaced by a quasi-feudal system of commerce and government.  A system where an unelected plutocracy has decided their wealth ENTITLES them to rule as they deem appropriate. Of course, that translates into a system where a few wealthy and connected rule the many (an aristocracy)… economically leveraging their wealth thru the feudal state and the arbitrary, often predatory, application of trade law and policy governing commerce.  Small businesses exist by patronage or in limited circumstances and in niche markets only… big corporations run the markets with government support.

We are experiencing the opening ground game of the new world order… an elite cabal of capitalists, moving to capture the world economy by dictating the value and standards of exchange for labor and industry.  They intend to use this system of digital exchange to control the masses; too, establish the value of labor and ultimately life.  They call this move to a single system of digital exchange… the Great Reset. 

The Great Reset will establish a SINGLE system of digital exchange to buy, sell or trade in the world.  All settlements for commercial or private transactions to buy, sell, or trade, for one’s labor, goods, or services, will be transacted thru this system… A one-world currency/exchange.  Paper Currency and other forms of exchange will no longer be available.  No more hidden income, evasion of taxes on private transactions, and black markets will be nearly impossible as one’s digital transaction account will not balance…where income and disbursements are not reported… indicating possible fraud or money laundering.

The Russian and Chinese Marxist understand where the Globalists and World Economic Forum (WEF) are taking the world and they want nothing to do with it… Hence, the serious saber rattling and hostile posturing of the Communists.  Want to know why the GOP is basically in bed with the WEF and silent on many of the policies of the left, wonder no more. The elite and wealthy will prosper greatly under such a system.  Total control over who buys sells or trades… over who works and doesn’t … who gets what medical and social services… every aspect of life will eventually be controlled by whoever runs the digital exchange.

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Words Have Meaning… with them men build up or tear down

What are words but the jealous rendition of man’s imagination… laid bare for the world to see. It is with words that we pontificate the ways of men, too establish governments and laws. It is with words that we build up and tare down… it is with the power of the pen that we turn swords into plowshares and redirect the power of mankind to a better purpose.

Hence, let our words speak of liberty and defend the cause of justice… for without liberty and justice, we are but prisoners of tyranny and the lesser angels of mankind. Let us exalt the rhetoric of peace and love… let us embrace the soundness and eloquence of truth… that we may all have peace and prosperity, purchased with the sweat of our labor and endeavors.

For, the wicked speak words of deceit… looking to confuse and destroy the rational minds of our Nation with folly… foolish dreams of utopian delights… where no man need work or struggle for self, but every man becomes part of the collective, a mere cog in the machinery of the State…

Words have meaning and the words of our President cut sharply across the grains of liberty… denying our heritage and promising the foolish what they can not have… Another’s property, labor, and self-worth. These are innately the rightful dominion of the individual…not the State or the collective.

Let us, therefore, find the words with which to beat back the errant ways of the foolish… the evil machinations of a government that seeks to bind us all, to itself… A collective driven by an evil wind. Freedom is not free and for the free to remain free they must be prepared to resist the bitter nature of mankind… first with words but never alone… words must be backed by action… or they are but sounding brass and tinkling bells, the stories of children, impetus vessels of little worth.



COL. US Army (ret)

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Words Have Meaning

Words Have Meaning…

  • How strangely will the Tools of a Tyrant pervert the plain Meaning of Words!” quote, Samuel Adams.
  • Words have meaning… but never so clear, that a tyrant can not subvert and convert them to his purpose.  Hence, for justice to prevail… a MORAL people must hold the heads of justice accountable for their words.
  • ‘Tis but the sound of fury, unleashed in the souls of tyrants… that corrupt words destroy the community of man; with the tongue men set afire civilization and bring captive millions.  Words, steeped with ill will, sooner beget terror in the hearts of men than a sword. For with steel, men are dispatched and soon are forgotten, but with words history is written and rewritten, defining the very soul of men and nations.
  • Our judicial system has become the harbinger of illiteracy… spurning common sense and the direct meaning of WORDS. At will the tyrant now rages, his words to twist the souls of men; bantering about the meaning of words, despots do spin a web of deceit, trapping the common good with gobbledygook. The wicked restrain justice and impale the righteous with words.
  • It is time to restore common sense… to the rhetoric of men.  Justice is best served when the lexicon of man is firmly established and honored by all.  Justices and men of high rank need to be clear in the use of their language; so that, none will misunderstand their point.  However, it is the despot who thinks to deceive with words and his entendre, keeping the very root of his purpose and meaning hidden, from the public and common speech.
  • Let the lawyers be chastened and the twisted metaphor be made clear… words have meaning and they dare not change, that history may remain true to the facts and the laws of men stable in there application. Words have in them the eternal power of creation… they are the window of the soul. 


RA Nelson

COL., USArmy (Retired)

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NEVER MORE WAR… What pain drives men to suffer the pangs of war… too, send their best and brightest to stand before the sword… too, bleed red the earth.  Where comes this driving force and its counsel to war… too war, in our streets and back yards, in living rooms where our children sit reading of the glory of man.  Shall we not suffer long for such a reproach before God; too, drive our swords into the very heart of our brothers?

Where comes this silent killer to steal their innocence, too reap the tears of our daughters… and harvest the strength of our young men… War is not Civil, so why call it civil war… War is not kind, nor benevolent, it asks not whom it takes… it is death unleashed, a pale horse, let loose upon a ripe field… It is a torrent, an unholy wind come to harvest our better nature. Why then do we boast of it, making heroes of our dead, building monuments to its cruelty?

Some would counsel it as a solution to the current divisions in our nation… others would embrace it as an expedient release for their fear and anger… while more calculate the profit in it.  Many, a fool has engaged in the futility of war… were death is always victorious and peace soon finds itself once more at war… a never ending cycle of man’s inhumanity toward his brother.

Let us find another route to settle our disputes… a better way to enjoy the fruit of the spirit and mankinds labor.  For war knows only the bitter cold of the grave and the empty dreams of the dead. Let us no more counsel War… put it asunder, never more to call upon the bugles song, never more to hear the bark of cannon echo, or the cry of men as they lay dying upon the blood soaked Earth of their father’s heritage…never more, war.

By: Ronald A. Nelson

      COL. US Army (ret.)

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Dorothy and Toto Go to Washington…

Posted by Ronald A. Nelson Col.USA (Ret) on September 16, 2020 at 4:47am

Dorothy and Toto Go to Washington… to see the Wizard of Oz, a bedtime fantasy for political operatives.

Once upon a time, there was a Great City called Oz… and a Wizard of great renown lived in that city, promising abundance and safety from the people’s nemesis, the wicked witch of the West. All things were glorious and the city rested securely on the promises of the Wizard and his band of drummers… selling the lies and deceit of the Wizard… they soon ran afoul of the Wicked Witch of the West and her circus of flying monkeys.

It was in the year of our lord 2020… and calamity raged in all the land when a citizen of Kansas named Dorothy and her dog Toto suddenly found themselves the targets of the growing strife and the wizardry of a new dimension. A dimension of folly and fantasy, of judgment to come. Poor Dorothy became the victim of uncontrollable evil, uninvited calamity overtook her life and with a great wind… she awoke one day in the land of Oz, far, far, from her ancestral home… wondering where she was and what went wrong.  Questioning, how this could happen to her and Toto.

It was a very strange land… this land of Oz. Tinmen with no courage lived there, Lions spoke with a roar but no one listened, scare-crows filled the fields but the crows only laughed.  Dorothy was lost and needed help to find her way home… Thus entered the Lolly poops, agents of the Great Wizard of Oz, peddling their lies and deceit they sent Dorothy on a mission to find the City of Oz… promising her safe return home, if she simply followed the Yellow Brick Road. Little did Dorothy know how dangerous the journey would be, or of the calamity that awaited along the road of promise.

After many detours and trials… suffering depravity and in despair, Dorothy finally arrives at the Great City of Oz and obtains an audience with the Great Wizard of that renowned city… only to be deceived and disappointed again, as the Wizard pontificates from behind a curtain; promising to INVESTIGATE her circumstance, and that once he had all the facts… he would be able to return Dorothy and Toto to their ancestral home in Kansas.  But first, she needs to do something for the Wizard… she needs to slay that proverbial nemesis, the mythical dragon, alone… Dorothy must risk her life and those of her newfound friends, to save the Wizard’s bacon. She must stand between the Great and Powerful Wizard and the Wicked Witch of the West, and her circus of flying monkeys.

Yes, the great and powerful Wizard promised to send Dorothy and Toto home… to make them whole again. However, Dorothy must first secure his kingdom, from the Wicked Witch of the West… So, we find Dorothy dispatched on a fool’s mission, to take on a world in chaos and strife…too, risk her life to secure that of the Great Wizard of Oz and his kingdom. Thus, it is among despots and the wicked, who would consume the lives of others, too ensure their own success.

After a long and arduous campaign and much suffering, Dorothy finally finds and destroys the Wicked Witch of the West’s… and her flying circus of monkeys.  She then returns to the Great Wizard only to watch in dismay at being betrayed… as the Great Wizard abandons the City of Oz, to the Wicked Witch of the West’s sister and her circus of flying monkeys. When Dorthy called to the Great Wizard of Oz, he was nowhere to be found. The Wizard had skipped town… for a better, safer, and more secure place. The Wizard had loaded up his hot-air balloon and abandoned that great city to the Witch’s sister and her crew of flying monkeys.

Thank God, Dorthy had redeemed her Ruby Shoes from the local pawnbroker, and with two clicks of her heels… the nightmare was over. Dorothy and Toto were back in Kansas, safe from the wicked Witch and her sister, no longer under the phony spell of the Wizard and his band of lolly poops. Toto has a new bone to pick, and her Uncle Sam has a new house, a grand place, no longer threatened by the Wicked Witch or a victim of false hope. No more the target of cheap goods and services, peddled by the local drummer and his cronies. Dorothy has a new life, a new dress, and new friends… Her house is swept clean of the old and furnished with the new. And best of all, she can get her nails and hair done without being arrested.

I wish I could report that everyone lived happily ever after… but Dorothy’s physician warned her, that her nightmares would be reoccurring… if she failed to follow his orders, too drink her milk, take two aspirins at night and sleep with one eye open.  So it is in Oz today… as the citizen’s reel from the Great All Powerful Wizard of Oz… Knowing, next time it may not work out so well.

BY RA Nelson

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Now Faith Is…

Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen… by faith our forefathers cleared a wilderness and conquered a continent, delivered their children from the hunger of the world, and established a new nation, where all men are at liberty to serve God by faith… Our faith is based on the certain knowledge of His eternal existence.

We are not common men, left to trust in the flesh, and the dying embers of carnal hope.  We are not forever moved, and blown about by every evil wind, or the doctrine of tyranny.  No, we are the first fruits of Christ, sons, and daughters of God… heirs and joint-heirs with the God of Creation. Our faith is not carnal, left to abide in despair, to lack the substance of hope, and the evidence of our trust in God.  Nay, we have an eternal and abiding faith, that delivers us from despair and all alarm… only believe, have faith in God, and all things are possible.

Blessed are they that trust in the LORD… whose hope is found in the LORD.  For they shall be like a tree planted by the River, that spreadeth out its roots, they shall not thirst; for they shall not see the heat of the day, nor shall their leaves wither in the season of drought, their leaves shall be green, and they shall yield the fruit of righteousness, whatsoever they do shall prosper.

For God’s Word is a light unto their path and a lamp unto their feet… it leadeth them in the darkness of this world, that they should not stumble or fall captive to the snares of the wicked … For we are they who trust not in horses or chariots, to deliver us from the sword of the wicked; our armor is not weak nor insufficient to the task. Nay, we are the soldiers and children of God and it is He who is the AUTHOR and FINISHER of our faith… He is the Lord of Hosts, and the Captain of the Armies of our Heavenly Father … it is He in whom we place our faith and confidence… in the Long Arm of the Lord who is more than able to deliver us from our enemies.

Take no fear my brother,  fear not my sisters in Christ, for the Lord is our victory and the battle is ours… He shall grant us shelter from the flame of affliction, from the plague and the wars to come… He shall cover us with His Wings and like a mother hen, gather us all to His bosom.  No harm may overcome us.  We are that Tree, that light in the darkness  as we carry the very Spirit of Life, wherever we go: In the mountains, in the valleys, over the seas white with foam.  God has blessed America, our home sweet home… God has delivered us who are His own…  We are not of this world and this world has no claim on us.

Now, take no thought for tomorrow for the evil of the day is sufficient unto itself… God has prepared tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow will bring with it only good things for the Children of Faith.  Make no mistake, no matter how dark it becomes… we are not without hope and the Candle of our Lord… shall light our way.

Have patients my dear brothers and sisters for the suffering of the season will pass... and with patients we perfect our souls, knowing that with time the trials of our faith shall bear great fruit.  Amen.

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Where have all the patriots gone, long time passing…

Where have all the patriots gone, long time passing… long, long ago. Who shall charge the furry of liberty’s furnace… Where have gone the stewards of liberty, long, long ago… who once secured our land, from the tyrant’s hand?…

Where have gone the giants of Valley Forge and Bunker Hill… long, long ago? Too, graveyards every one? Where live those who stood by the rude bridge at Concord…. whose, flags unfurled, did in the April breeze, declare their cause… Where are the men who once stood before the tyrant, embattled farmers, patriots true… a line of Blue, against the steel of tyranny’s blade… Whose great resolve did fire the shot, heard round the world.. .Where have all these Patriots gone… Gone to graveyards every one.

Are there any to raise high their standards… ripe with fury? Too, stand at Concord’s bridge once more, shoulder to shoulder, against the beat of the tyrant’s drums… Who, with cannons charged, and the tyrant’s blade, wet with blood, fear not tyranny’s hand? Where are the patriots who faint not from the task at hand, but with resolve will evict the tyrant from the land and ring liberty’s bell … once again. Let us now refresh the call to Patriots true, one and all, and with the blood of tyrants, refresh the Tree of Liberty anew.

Where have all the patriots gone… gone to Concord every one? Where will you go, long time passing?

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What Wonder Is This


What wonder is this that we should be given the privilege and honor to tell the story of God’s grace and His immutable plan to establish His righteous in man…

What wonder is this that the sun should shine and the day begins with dawns early light… that night should end and the Day Star begin… that man should arise to glory in Him…

What wonder is this, that God should consider our day and brings us along on our merry way… too enlighten us with the beginning of wisdom in our sheltered mind… what glory for man to find God in his life His promise to mankind.

What wonder is this … that drives us early to seek the Lord and His open door… to, speak with the almighty early too bless the poor and widow more…

What wonder is this that God’s bliss should rest in us whose nature is of the earthly, so frail but born in the image of so mighty a God as our Lord Jesus Christ…

Let us no more wonder at the mystery of our incarnation… of the Glory God gave us to be one with Him … for so do the fallen angels, wonder at man’s fallen state, yet man is adorned with God’s own glory … through His Son… that we should be One… one with God, and the Son.  Amen.

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When In The Course Of Nations… men are compelled to resist

Source: When In The Course Of Nations… men are compelled to resist

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