I am Poetry…

I am Poetry… a sonnet in time, a muse in rhyme… come listen and sing, I am Poetry.

I am poetry and I dance in the minds of men… from the beginning of time, I have awakened the sublime and brought low the tears of mankind… I have sung with wonder and with majestic parameter, metered out time… with a measure of magic… I have transformed the seas and opened up vast horizons… visions beyond mankind… are mine.

I am Poetry… and I bow to no man… but with the glory of Gods hand I do write tales and psalms… that break the hearts of humankind… I set the Angels to wonder, at the mystery of my kind…. The Roe does bow and the hills declare, Poetry is everywhere … the Spirit sublime… too, raise the humble and bring down kings…

I am poetry I sing… to a heavenly host, I bring glory where there was none… peace for war, and turning, in time… war once more… The day beckons at my call, flowers and the sun, revel at my regale, the world unfolds, and the hidden treasures of the mind, are foretold…

I am Poetry, behold… music declares my name, with flourishes of rhythm and sonnets that rhyme… with the somber timbre of the bass trombone, with the shrill pitch of the flute, I speak to the mute, to those with ears to hear… I am always near… for I am poetry.

I am Poetry … hear my voice and rejoice… see me, I dance before the sun… Know me… and be one, Come let your joy be filled…let the still peace of my song… sing to you… Be at peace, and know I am there… everywhere… if you can hear… I am near… I am poetry.

By: Ronald A. Nelson

COL. US Army (Ret.)

Mankind is often too hurried to hear the poetry of life sing… It is all around him… It lives… slow down, listen… The sun will speak, mountains will bow low, and the day will give way to joy… unspeakable joy… Be at one with the Son… and eat of the hidden manna… it’s all around you.


About usar4me

Retired US Army Colonel... Christian, married with two wonderful daughters and granddaughters.
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