Remembering This Band Of Brothers Few

Ye band of brothers few… whose courage ran red, whose dead did bleed the fields of valor red, whose, sacrifice now speaks to us all… with one voice… they call: Arise take our standard true and stand too. Raise high the banners of liberty’s cause… Once more, sound the trumpet loud… and beat the drummer’s cadence, too muster one and all. Let the cadence of our heart… bear witness to the despots hand… as the righteous rise, in all the land… too, cast off the cursed work of desperate man.

For sooner, did the cowards brace their lesser course…  giving way, before the tide of tyrants many; did these brothers few, this band of Patriots true, charge with steel their homeward course, too give no breath to these lesser men…. they stood in testament to liberties voice.  Stand now ye men of valor true… Lift up thine eyes, and with no more ado, take hold of your heritage… and with the sword of truth stand true. That our Nation may no more suffer the cowards brace; lay hold of our father’s course, and stay true to their race… as a permanent memorial to their courage, embrace the tyrant, and take up your father’s chalice, too drink of liberty while it may be found.

Let us remember this day of memorial… On this day, let us honor, those who answered liberty’s call.  Let us consider their sacrifice… with tears of sorrow for all, who suffered death that we may have tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow, in liberty’s embrace. For those brave few, that band of brothers true, so righteously speak in their silence anew… That we may stand in liberties brace, tomorrow and tomorrow for our heritage and children’s liberty a true memorial too their just cause.

Let this day be no more, a fleeting memory… that catches the wind and then ado. No more, a breath of the past, so desperately needed by we few, we veterans of sorrows fields long lost, long, long ago. Let us gather now our strength, in hollowed remembrance of our fallen comrades… Whose sacrifice did furnish our tables and secured our fortunes, with liberty’s garlands and freedoms embrace, let us remember this day of grace… with every waking day… let us lay our wreaths, our garlands anew…upon those fields of remembrance, recalling our lost brothers true… with equal sacrifice, keeping their cause hollowed and renewed.
We shall never forget… those few, that band of brothers solemn and true; whose blood did run red, whose dead we now memorialize… Whose stead fast courage, did refresh the Tree of Liberty, for you and I.  God bless them all, now and in eternity. For they are the keepers of liberty’s gate, the watchmen on the wall, for us all.  Remember their call, this day, stand tall one and all… for this band of brother’s true… These few gave all… that you and I, need not die, nor perish for the lack of liberty, one for all.

Let us remember those who bore this burden…  many care not to embrace… knowing, that thru their sacrifice, grace brought liberty and prosperity to our gate. That, peace may be our Children’s inheritance and our Grand Children’s heritage. Freedom is not free, and liberty has a price. A price, that must be paid, in a world, where tyrants would deny the whole… their right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  Amen.

Ronald A. Nelson
COL. US Army (ret.)


About usar4me

Retired US Army Colonel... Christian, married with two wonderful daughters and granddaughters.
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