When In The Course Of Nations… men are compelled to resist

When in the course of nations men are compelled to resist the odious and prevalent corruption of there fellow man… they most often resort to violence… the final arbiter of their differences.

Today, we see massive abuses of power being forced upon the common man.  The world is in the grip of an elite and perverted oligarchy of power, entrenched in a political system that offers little recourse.  Choice in the democratic process is overtly controlled and the general electorate are forced to choose between the lesser of evils…  none of the candidates are acceptable to the populace.  The People have no real choice.

It is the common nature of men to suffer long the abuses of others, before throwing off their oppressors… Mankind desires to live at peace as much as possible.  It man’s nature that has lead us to where we are today: at the portal of a New World Order, where men no longer enjoy the promise of liberty or the American Dream.

After a long period of suffering the abuse of those who they entrusted with their liberty, the people are awakening to the crack of the tyrants whip.  The doors of democracy and self-determination are being closed and the people are reacting.  What awaits them, should they fail to act, is the sound of the slave masters whip.

The people currently operate at the outer margins of political power: What have they accomplished, what rights have been restored, what abuses reversed, what political power do they now command?   The facts expose the people’s power to be a mere illusion. Since the beginning of their movement those they send to Washington have engaged the enemies of their liberty with little success. The Swamp is DC continues to grow.

Facts… not the opium of delusion, must be the standard by which success is measured.  The Tea Party and the Patriot movement are fractured, they have no effective national leadership. Often the few leaders the people have are at odds with those who elected them… There is no NATIONAL MOVEMENT…  there is no singularity of leadership, or National Charter to rally behind.  The Tea Party could be of massive importance, if it would UNIFY under a single banner: Not as a National Political Party, but as a coalition of Conservatives, who are free to operate within BOTH MAJOR POLITICAL PARTIES; bringing real Constitutional REFORM to government.

However, the sad truth is that unrecognized CONVENTIONS do little to raise the Army needed to turn this country around.  Very few people EVEN KNEW or KNOW about the convention in Houston.  It is time to put aside our differences and too unite under a single banner… E Pluribus Unum… out of many one.  Our strength is not in our diversity but in our combined power too produce the NUMBERS needed to gain control of Congress and the Executive Branches of our government… too, purge the courts of the corrupt judges and the bar of those who refuse to honor the Constitution as originally intended..

America faces its greatest challenge to date… will it find the resolve, leadership and unity among its people too meet this challenge or will it go the way of former great Nations… too, join the list of failed attempts to establish a government of the people, by the people and for the people.  Time will tell but the burden of proof and the past don’t bode well for their efforts.  The 2012 election cycle is rapidly becoming one more disappointing effort too brake the hold of the oligarchy of globalist and socialist who control our government… these despots are determined to retain their power by hook or crook and the people, including the Tea Party, appear to be having little impact on the corruption that infests our political process.

God alone is able to restore our nation… and America has banned Him from the public square.  MENE, MENE, TEKEL, UPHARSIN… the hand writing is on the wall… God has numbered America’s days, she has been weighed, judged, and found wanting, the nation is divided and shall be given over too others… the end is upon America as we knew her.

Our only hope is that our Nation will return to her Creator… It is the Creator that is the ultimate guarantor of our life, liberty, and happiness.  If America shall humble herself, pray and seek God’s face,  and turn from her wicked ways; then, God would hear from heaven, forgive her sin, and heal her land.  Our Nations problems are a direct result of its moral decadence… Our abandonment of the God of our fathers.  Political Parties and the governments of men are mere reflections of the social and moral condition of their soul.


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Retired US Army Colonel... Christian, married with two wonderful daughters and granddaughters.
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