In these Last Days… God speaks by His Spirit

In these Last Days… God speaks by His Spirit.

Memories of the Forgiven

We are often haunted by memories that refuse to be forgotten… we try to hide, but they always find us.  We think we are finished with the past… done, but we can never erase the indelible ink of histories mark… They never die, not in the cloak of our mortal state… in the eye of the flesh.  As long as we live, they hold us captive.  The haunting memories of nights long lost, sooner bring us too remember, sorrows of ill spent days… when youths exuberance, lead us too folly’s door… fast astray.

It is these memories that carry us to days spent in somber remembrance… of friends and times when the night held more than mere memories… of raucous hours, spent…  A cliquey in time, that rises, with the beat of one’s heart; too meter out the silence of remorse, so is our memory of days spent, were love did fast, and time did measure… the beat of memories, so sweet, and days of hope, long lost in time…

So it is that man travels this world… thru this temporal order, surrounded by the aura of loves blessing … not quite perfect… not quite blind. Man, who barely grasps the ordinary world, soon finds… no solace in the present; where dreams are fixed upon the perfection to come, upon days where sorrows door… no more opens, nor plagues his memory sore.

For with God all things are possible… even the impossible must fade away, in the glory of His Light…. and the nights… long shadow must end, abruptly, at the rising of the Son and the coming of age… Of, man’s spirit reborn.  Let us look once more upon the past, but no more remember the lusts of our youth, so ignorantly spent in rebellion against God’s Truth… For with the coming of age… wisdom reveals, the product of the Spirit, of rebirth, and the knowledge of God’s Word, revealed in us.

So it is that we mature in this world… leaving behind the past, for others to ponder and judge… as we have no cause to regret our sins, forgiven… our lives renewed, our soul restored… in God’s Image, once more… sons and daughters all.  Amen.


About usar4me

Retired US Army Colonel... Christian, married with two wonderful daughters and granddaughters.
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