A new day approaches… the Lord of time comes

Time comes and comes again… only to find the day empty and night soon approacheth… Where have the righteous gone, the men of the Lord so long, long ago… Who shall now stand in the way with hope in his eye and faith at his side… will it be thee… or another, God surly knows.

For the foolish now sit in the seat of the scornful… and the sea has dried up, a desert now there… where once living waters did flow… Who will go, who will call upon the Lord… to repair the breach in the wall… Too, water the flock and give the call… who shall stand with me… to lift my arms and part the sea? Who indeed will it be?

Out of the East comes a mighty wind… its sound I hear, its signs do appear… In the sky the clouds do run.. and the sun blood-red, like the moon.. death comes upon a pale horse, famine racing behind, men lost in time… Awake ye Sheppard’s true, blow the shofar sound the alarm…

Make sure the gate.. man the towers, the hour commeth, when no man may sleep… judgment slowly beats, beats, beats its way… it’s surly path, to meet out God’s wrath… too, bring with it justice, for the widow and the fatherless.. Yeah for righteousness, it comes to judge the world, that the wicked may be condemned and the just set free…

Make straight your path, for the Lord of Host comes with His ten thousand and thousands… to vanquish His enemies… too, make the nations, His footstool… Day turnneth unto night and night into day… and the world is renewed… a new day is here, and time comes, and comes again. Amen

A word to ponder, a verse set to rhyme… a colloquy, too open the mind.


About usar4me

Retired US Army Colonel... Christian, married with two wonderful daughters and granddaughters.
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