Criminals or Immigrants… Raiders or Builders

Our forefather’s left their homes… with no guarantee of security or prosperity, to venture into the wilderness of a New World. They came when there were no food stamps or social services; no Wal- Marts or parking lots, too brave the wilderness and too fashion a nation; too bequeath that nation to their Children and their children’s children.  Our forefather’s carved a nation out of the wilderness, purged the land with their sweet, blood and tears; looking not for a hand out or hand up. They came with nothing and left us everything.

These new age of criminal migrants… come with their hands extended, fists shaking, demanding that the natives feed them and cater to their every need.  They come, not looking to build a nation, but to raid a people.  They come not too join us, but divide us; too, loot the wealth of generations.  These are not IMMIGRANTS, they are raiders, thieves and deceitful individuals; who were to lazy too build their own house, too raise a nation of prosperous, hard working souls, where they were born…

These are not the blood of our ancestors… nor the kinsmen of prosperity and hard work.  If they were, they would have remained at home and made the land yield to their industry… but they did not. They saw their neighbor’s house and spied his possessions and determined to lay siege upon it; too, rob it and to abuse their neighbor and his children. These are not our kinsmen nor our father’s kind.

Our Immigrant Father’s were a different breed altogether… brave souls, whose steel and sinew broke the sod of generations, planted the fields with liberty, and rod tall in their seats of honor as they forged a Nation out of the wilderness.  These new migrants are the merchants of want and the harbingers of strife; who bear the seeds of poverty and the winds of despair. They come expecting to reap, where are father’s have sown; too, take where they have not labored.  Send them home, that they may work in their own fields, where they may take pride in braking the ground and reaping what they have sown. 


About usar4me

Retired US Army Colonel... Christian, married with two wonderful daughters and granddaughters.
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