Control The Narrative And Win The Day

Control the Narrative or loose the argument… perception is often greater than reality.  The MSM and the feckless GOP are Obama’s partners in the propaganda war.  It is obvious that the leadership of the GOP has lost the narrative and is loosing the battle for America’s ear..

Where is the focus and MSM coverage… on the foibles, corruption and lawlessness, of this Adminsitration and the Democrat Party or the GOP’s weaknesses? Why has Congress gone silent on Bengahzi, Fast and Furious, and the IRS scandals.  During an election year would it not be to the advantage of the GOP to command the public podium and to emphasize the differences between the Democrat and Republican Party? It appears the GOP is reluctant to use their  voice to focus the public narrative on issues important to the people and their base.

It is time to open Impeachment hearings … something the MSM would be hard pressed not to cover and a forum the GOP can use to contrast the lawlessness of this Administration and the Democrat Party against the GOP’s conservative values.  Given the current rant on ‘Illegal Immigration’ and its divisive nature on the GOP party; it is clear that the GOP has lost the narrative and is being deftly and effectively maneuvered by  the Democrat Party and MSM.

It’s time to shift gears…  to catch the publics ear by holding Impeachment hearings. Even better, revive the House Committee on Un-American Activities. Yes, you heard that correctly.  Can one imagine the opportunity to contrast the progressive Democrat Party’s views with those of the GOP and the narrative that would generate?  Opening a frank debate on which party champions the American way could only work to the GOP’s advantage.

Speaker Boehner take  Rep. Stockman’s lead…  focus the attention of the MSM on issues beneficial to the GOP and the American cause.  Rep. Stockman’s proffering of a House Resolution, to arrest the IRS agent Lois Lerner,  certainly commanded the day and focused the national narrative on the Democrat Party’s lawlessness. What is needed is to paint the narrative with broad stripes and bold colors that command the nations attention and mobilize the GOP base.  Nothing like a series of arrests and hearings to Impeach, to shift attention away from the GOP’s  weaknesses onto the lawlessness in the Democrat Party?

Control the narrative or loose the argument… which will it be Speaker Boehner?  Will the GOP manage to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory or control the narrative and win the day?


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Retired US Army Colonel... Christian, married with two wonderful daughters and granddaughters.
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