The Destruction Of The American Dream… The failure of the Church?



The Destruction Of The American Dream… The failure of the Church?

Posted on November 3, 2010, by usar4me

The destruction of the American dream… is not to be found in the devices of political parties; it is found in the turning away from our moral compass… God’s Word.  Where God is the arbiter of morality, the concepts of Government are established in righteousness and precepts, which serve the greatest good.  However, the natural will of man seeks to be free… from such moral restraints.

Free from the moral bounds of a righteous God… man soon abandons the judgments of the righteous to embrace whatever is expedient, to appease his natural desires.  Eve took of the fruit of the ‘Tree of Knowledge’ because the fruit thereof appeared to be good and offered powers that she previously could not embrace.

Beginning with the Churches function as the arbiter of public morality… the foundations of America’s social order and culture were secured by more than the will of men alone.  Today the Churches failure to adhere to the moral clarity of God’s Word has led to the establishment of an amoral social order and culture.  The failure of the Church to act as the principal institution for inculcating a sense of moral justice in America opened the door for Government to become the ULTIMATE arbiter of the social order in America. The introduction of separation of Church and State has created the false premise that religion and government are not compatible or complementary. 

Today, the Government stands in the place of the Church… providing moral and social order based upon its sole judgment as to the ‘material and social needs and interactions of men.  As such, our government has abandoned its moral underpinnings, and now our Nation finds itself ruled by the arbitrary devices and decrees of men. This would not have happened if the Church had retained its standards; teaching and more importantly ENFORCING the precepts of Godly morality, as the foundation for a moral society, life liberty, and happiness.

The Churches failure to reign in the unrighteous… has poisoned the social order in America; resulting, in the present status found in our Governmental institutions.  The Government is a mere reflection of the people’s will or lack thereof to restrain Government.  For evil to prosper, good men need only do nothing… The Church is doing little or nothing to restrain evil… First, among its local congregations and membership, and finally, among the leadership found in the halls of government.  When, was the last time one heard of a member being separated from the body for their immoral acts. (Read 1Cor 5: 1-13) This practice happened regularly in the Church of my youth… but then we also had a Godly Government and prayer was allowed in the public forum.

Today, one takes because they can… Commerce goes unregulated by the moral precepts of equity and a just measure and scale have been abandoned.  Justice suffers at the hand of those who view morality thru the lens of relativism; it is obscured by the fog of amoral equivalency… Nearly, every evil work has equal standing before men.  The concept that mankind is freest when allowed to pursue their every thought and imagination, is erroneous and leads to wholesale lasciviousness and debauchery.  The righteous judge has disappeared from the land.

We are warned both by our founding fathers and Scriptures… that governments are the tools of the righteous, SECURE in a people whose moral character is bound by a greater good than found in man alone… Our rights, yeah… Our very liberty is an inalienable gift from our creator (God).  If our only security from tyranny lies in the bosom of man… If our only guarantee of life and the pursuit of happiness is found in the restraints of human government, then we are doomed to be most miserable.  As, the hope of mankind is soon lost where men are left, solely to the devices of man.

History, bares record of the ill will of man… brought upon his own kind. Beginning with Cain, who slew his brother Abel, mankind has coveted that which others have, including God’s own thrown… witness, Adam and Eve’s desire to be God. Today, unrighteous men are no different; left to their own devices they will take whatever they can… never being satisfied with what they have.

Let us, therefore, exalt the Church to engage the Body of Christ… once again, to take its proper place as the head of man; to bring order within the community of mankind… too, to establish justice and equity among nations and the house of man.  Without God… there is no moral equity in the earth, nor justice and liberty… Only, the eternal rise and fall of despots and failed attempts to bring about social tranquility.

Our founding fathers knew God… they trusted in Him, to be a lamp unto their feet and a light unto their path.  The precepts of righteousness are established forever they don’t change with time.  Righteous Governments are the ministers of God on the earth for good. (Ro 12:1-4) We should not FEAR GOVERNMENT as long as those who are the ministers of government are Godly men.  It is therefore imperative in a just social order, that God be seated at the head of every man, and in every home… at the head of the Halls of Government.

The Church must become actively engaged… in the administration of social justice, in the ordination and blessing of moral LEADERSHIP.  It once crowned the kings of the earth… it must once more act to bless the leadership of a moral nation.  Beginning in the home and extending into the workplace… In commerce, in every aspect of our social interaction, God must reign, the Supreme Judge of the land.  Until the Church purges out the leaven of the world, our Judeo/Christian heritage will be powerless to restore the ‘DREAM’ and promise that was once America.

Our founding fathers fled from the oppressive rule and nature of tyrants… whose religiosity was only exceeded by their immoral and unjust governments.  Will America now accept the trappings of such immorality and unjust men, by putting on the yoke our forefathers abandoned?  We will see, as this Nation must now choose whom it will serve.


R.A. Nelson

COL., USArmy (retired)


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    Time to choose… whom will ye serve America?

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