Vanity and Vexation of the Spirit…

All is vanity and vexation of the Spirit for by one the righteous drink and by another the wicked eat…  until the sun no more shines upon the flesh of mankind… Rejoice in the days of thy youth and be wise… but with thy knowledge get understanding. 

For all the books and wise words of the upright,  even words of truth… serve too admonish the foolishness of men… they are the substance of judgment and but weariness to the flesh if they are not obtained with understanding.  For the sum of the whole matter, regarding mans service in the Earth, is: Fear God, and keep His Commandments: for this is the whole duty of man.

For God shall bring every work into judgment, and every secret thing whether it be good, or evil… it shall not be hidden.

Therefore, know that for Wisdom too be applied righteously it must be done with understanding… within the Light of the Holy Spirit.  For he who communes with his own heart, saying, I have great estate, and have gotten more wisdom than all they before me, will only to find that  wisdom, obtained without understanding,  is like pouring water into a broken cistern, it is vanity and vexation… of the spirit.  Amen.


Ronald A. Nelson

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Memories of the Forgiven

Memories of the Forgiven We are often haunted by memories that refuse to be forgotten… we try to hide, but they always find us.  We think we are finished with the past… done, but we can never erase…

Source: Memories of the Forgiven

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A Summers Day

A summers day, a winters embrace, another day… in God’s grace….

An Autumn wind, and springs embrace, reminds us of God’s eternal place… of His endearing face..


And with the changing times, we are reminded God is in control…

The sun shines, the moon rises, the Stars are set in the ferment of the Heavens

And Glory’s gate is always open…


As near as a prayer, as sure as the morning… God’s majesty awakes.

And Heavens promise is renewed, in the shadow of His gates… there He awaits…

The rain comes, and the wind may blow, but eternity always knows… God’s eternal place…


And with the pain of sorrow… an awakening in the soul of man speaks of a better way…  An eternal day… where summer days and autumns winds beckon too us all of winters passed and springs renewal… in the embrace of the SON of God… there is no longer sorrow… only a better Tomorrow…


Ronald A. Nelson

COL. US Army (ret.)

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I’ve seen fire fall

I’ve seen fire fall from the sky and smoke rise so high, that the Angels did cry… I’ve heard the sounds of women and the cries of innocent  as they die… Their voice cry out for mercy, a hollow reprieve, in an empty night.  They fight for one last breath, and then silence,  speaks of death.

I’ve seen the face of vengeance and rage… of mankind filled with anger, and torn by hate… Their eyes, cutting, gazing, wondering about, seeking new victims, no doubt.  O’ man of faith is there no justice? What man steals innocence, and murders his own sons and daughters?

What pale truth the forlorn speak… hope denied, repentance lost, their murderous ways without regret…. Refusing to embrace a new hope, and a better day, the reprobate but delay… judgment day.  Can man find a better way, that his brother may embrace him with love and not in bitter anger?  Where lives the answer to this heavy burden… this perplexing riddle old?  Where can man find such wisdom, in all of the Earth, it is untold.

Shall man seek peace… o’er shall it be war?   The fool, is sooner fixed upon the lust of his flesh, his heart driven by an insatiable appetite for sorrow and death… For the fool, there is no escape… no reprieve, nor sorrows sleep.   Yet, hope doth spring eternal, to reveal, salvations hand…  in all the land.  If man would trust Christ… the night’s, bitter steel, and sin’s wage… would give way, to warmer days, and loves embrace… yeah, a better day. 

Come…  ye who are heavy laden, whose burden is great; take rest, in Christ, and He will bid thee a good night… Amen. 

By: RA Nelson

COL. US Army (ret.) 

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Man Every Where In Chains

Man is born free but every where he is in chains…” Rousseau. 

Yet, with tedious labor we do strive against the wind… against the forlorn cry… liberty once gained, yet lost in time… liberty remains a fleeting dream.  Shall we suffer the pain of tyranny or mount with wings the hallowed quest… for that which so deliberately we seek… this liberty, this faint apparition of our fathers, many.

Liberty is not obtained thru idle banter, it is the fruit of pain… suffered in our struggle for gain, where none yet appears… The wrestling of flesh, against the darker demons of men… who, with chains do bind the free, too a tree of… tyranny. Men born free yet every where in chains.

Awake therefore ye of good heart and strive no more… with the idle banter of fools. Take hold of the Tree of liberty and feed upon its fruit. Be no more bound by fear or of melancholy soul… Rise up take hold… Be bold and thy reward shall be sure. Liberty waits upon no man… its fruit belongs to the bold… its pleasures, the reward of the diligent.

By: Ronald A. Nelson

COL., US Army (ret.)

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Memories of the Forgiven

Memories of the Forgiven

We are often haunted by memories that refuse to be forgotten… we try to hide, but they always find us.  We think we are finished with the past… done, but we can never erase the indelible ink of histories mark… They never die, in the cloak of our mortal state… in the eye of the flesh.  As long as we live, they hold us captive.  The haunting memories of nights long lost, sooner bring us too remember, sorrows of ill spent days… when youths exuberance, lead us too folly’s door… fast astray.

It is these memories that carry us to days spent in somber remembrance… of friends and times when the night held more than mere memories… of raucous hours, spent…  A soliloquy in time, that rises, with the beat of one’s heart; too meter out the silence of memories long past; so is our memory of days spent, were love did fast, and time, did measure… the beat of memories, so sweet… and days of hope, long lost in time…

So it is, that man travels this world… thru this temporal order, surrounded by the aura of loves blessing … not quite perfect… not quite blind. Man, who barely grasps the ordinary world, soon finds… no solace, in the present time; where dreams are fixed, on the perfection to come; upon days where sorrows door… may no more… open, nor plague our memory sore.

For with God all things are possible… even the impossible, must fade away, in the glory of His Light…. and nights… long shadow, past horrors must end, abruptly, at the rising of the Son and the coming of age… Of, man’s spirit reborn.  Let us look no more upon the past,  no more to remember the lusts of our youth, so ignorantly spent in rebellion against God’s Truth… For with the coming of age… wisdom reveals, the product of the Spirit, of rebirth, and the knowledge of God’s Word in us.

So it is that we mature in this world… leaving behind the past, for others to ponder and judge… as we have no cause to regret our sin, forgiven… our lives renewed, our soul restored… we live again, in God’s Image, once more… sons and daughters all.  Amen.


Ronald A. Nelson

Col. US Army (ret.)

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Memories God’s Golden Gift

Source: Memories God’s Golden Gift

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