What Has Death To Do With Creation

What hath death to do with Creation… or the Creator.  Can the eternal be bound by the flesh or the temporal order?  Is darkness able to overtake light, or will the morning dawn, warm the night with the coming of light?  Shall the Son be shrouded by the presence of darkness or the void of space?

 Why then should man suffer when the Creator has granted him peace and eternal life… For sin alone, hath no power over life, save man agree with it… too, rebel against the Spirit of Life, eagerly coveting with sin, the fruit of the flesh.  Wherein, the many struggles of man, are but a witness of  his enmity before God and his covenant with Death…

Wherefore, Death hath carried away man… and his house is full of darkness.  For, without God there is no life or light: No Day Star, to light the way, or too guide men by night.  No hope, for darkness brings with it only despair and fear of the unknown. But hope springs eternal in those whose faith speaks of glory, and the Spirit of life… of the great strength within man, to believe and too receive the hidden manna of God; too, restore our faith and deliver us from Death.

Therefore, cast not your care upon this life or its rewards as they are but fleeting vanity… gone with the wind, apparitions unattainable in this world.  Yeah, layup thy treasures where neither rust nor mold, nor  mouth or worm may destroy them… sow them in eternity that ye may also reap them eternally.  For, the blind lead the blind and the ditch shall swallow them all… but in the Light of Christ we have our abode and sure habitat in Heaven …. a reward that cannot be taken by the temporal order nor refused those who love God.

But he who shall dishonor his word and faith… receives no place among the righteous, he shall not stand in the day of Judgment.  Make ye straight the way of the Lord ye mighty men of God… repent ye sinners and return to thy first love and Grace shall be given thee…yet, once more for God would that none should perish but that all should come to the knowledge of the Truth in Christ Jesus.  Repent I say, while there is still LIGHT in the World to find repentance.

By:  Ronald A. Nelson

COL., US Army (ret.)


About usar4me

Retired US Army Colonel... Christian, married with two wonderful daughters and granddaughters.
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