I’ve seen fire fall

I’ve seen fire fall from the sky and smoke rise so high, that the Angels did cry… I’ve heard the sounds of women and the cries of innocent  as they die… Their voice cry out for mercy, a hollow reprieve, in an empty night.  They fight for one last breath, and then silence,  speaks of death.

I’ve seen the face of vengeance and rage… of mankind filled with anger, and torn by hate… Their eyes, cutting, gazing, wondering about, seeking new victims, no doubt.  O’ man of faith is there no justice? What man steals innocence, and murders his own sons and daughters?

What pale truth the forlorn speak… hope denied, repentance lost, their murderous ways without regret…. Refusing to embrace a new hope, and a better day, the reprobate but delay… judgment day.  Can man find a better way, that his brother may embrace him with love and not in bitter anger?  Where lives the answer to this heavy burden… this perplexing riddle old?  Where can man find such wisdom, in all of the Earth, it is untold.

Shall man seek peace… o’er shall it be war?   The fool, is sooner fixed upon the lust of his flesh, his heart driven by an insatiable appetite for sorrow and death… For the fool, there is no escape… no reprieve, nor sorrows sleep.   Yet, hope doth spring eternal, to reveal, salvations hand…  in all the land.  If man would trust Christ… the night’s, bitter steel, and sin’s wage… would give way, to warmer days, and loves embrace… yeah, a better day. 

Come…  ye who are heavy laden, whose burden is great; take rest, in Christ, and He will bid thee a good night… Amen. 

By: RA Nelson

COL. US Army (ret.) 


About usar4me

Retired US Army Colonel... Christian, married with two wonderful daughters and granddaughters.
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