Man Every Where In Chains

Man is born free but every where he is in chains…” Rousseau. 

Yet, with tedious labor we do strive against the wind… against the forlorn cry… liberty once gained, yet lost in time… liberty remains a fleeting dream.  Shall we suffer the pain of tyranny or mount with wings the hallowed quest… for that which so deliberately we seek… this liberty, this faint apparition of our fathers, many.

Liberty is not obtained thru idle banter, it is the fruit of pain… suffered in our struggle for gain, where none yet appears… The wrestling of flesh, against the darker demons of men… who, with chains do bind the free, too a tree of… tyranny. Men born free yet every where in chains.

Awake therefore ye of good heart and strive no more… with the idle banter of fools. Take hold of the Tree of liberty and feed upon its fruit. Be no more bound by fear or of melancholy soul… Rise up take hold… Be bold and thy reward shall be sure. Liberty waits upon no man… its fruit belongs to the bold… its pleasures, the reward of the diligent.

By: Ronald A. Nelson

COL., US Army (ret.)


About usar4me

Retired US Army Colonel... Christian, married with two wonderful daughters and granddaughters.
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