Memories God’s Golden Gift

Memories God’s Golden Gift

Wisps of thought that perish not, mirages of images… long forgot.Those childhood images of true delight, these happy images of days and night .. Let us recall them, in our somber years. That night may give way to a brighter day, the gift of memory, God’s hidden treasure so bright…

That, our joy may be full and our lives affirmed… with merry remembrances all in turn…Filled with stories, often embellished, but never forgotten… nor so thoughtfully relished… Then, when so needed, so cherished and prized… let our eyes, see once more the smiling faces of girls and boys… the happy embraces, of friends with joy.

Can there be such glorious regale, than too remember one’s youthful tale… too, look with the magic and wizardry of our soul… too, see what is better than silver and gold… the envy of childhood pirates and earthly booty… For here, neither mouth nor worm may invade our hope… where we with pleasure, rejoice and pray… There with God’s grace to live, in an eternal day.

So, is man… whose hope is forever renewed… too see the adventure of his youth… with pride and retrospect, too be at peace, too know God ordered it all, for great and small, for richer or poorer, our lives in order… where time no longer resides and our memories never die.

By:  Ronald A. Nelson



About usar4me

Retired US Army Colonel... Christian, married with two wonderful daughters and granddaughters.
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