I Was Poor And Did Not Kown It.

With the beginning of a New Year let us ponder an ancient and old quarry… what is happiness and by what measure is it taken?

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Retired US Army Colonel... Christian, married with two wonderful daughters and granddaughters.
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3 Responses to I Was Poor And Did Not Kown It.

  1. Very Good!! This remends me of what my own Mom used to tell me, and still does! That I had a very hard life, full of sorrows, injuries, deaths of spouse and my dear, precious son, Andy Schuckman, in Racine, WI., about 3 years ago, etc. The 2 years I spent in Vietnam: 68-70, and such. But, in reality, I know that I am Blessed, and Saved by the ransom blood of Jesus Christ, with promise of Heaven when I die, or get Raptured up !! PTL. Email: tschuckman@aol.com —Tommy Schuckman, Iron Mtn., MI. Jesus is Lord.

  2. usar4me says:

    Great is the joy of a man who has tasted salvation and the gifts of God… if only the world would surrender its will too the God of Creation … Jesus Christ.

  3. usar4me says:

    I was poor and I didn’t know it… I was happy and they said I was sad… I was ignorant until they taught me…

    Then I saw that I was poor and became sad… and that my happiness was denial and my ignorance made me a victim…

    I have seen the world… where children sit naked in a puddle… their bellies swelling from lack of nourishment… but, with such a smile it would make an angel cry.

    I have seen the ignorant living in squalor… their hovels of mud, with thatched roofs, baked by the sun… but, they did not know they were victims until I had come.

    I have seen the ocean breach the shores where dark skinned women… waded in the brine, as they had done since the beginning of time…

    I watched as their children danced, beneath the palms… I saw their dirty faces… As, the wind blew their hair I could here the muffled sounds of laughing… in the air.

    As I drew nearer… they could see clearer. And, what was once a cry of joy… in their happy souls… Became the woeful morn of victims.

    The Western world with all its knowledge often acts in ignorance… and with their arrogance… proclaims the cry of joy… victims.

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