Take Again The Compass Of Our Forefathers…

Take Again The Compass Of Our Forefathers… too, set a straight and narrow course.

Where are the men of George Washington’s stature, who shall bare the weight and burden of leadership today?  Liberty’s tree needs refreshing and the husbandman is preoccupied. America is at a precipice, a crisis of moral rectitude; she has abandoned the guide of her youth to embrace the folly of fools. 

Her people have suffered a long train of abuse…. unwilling too act, they have acquiesced to the misguided policies of the derelict and those void of a moral conscience.  The burden of her neglect now rests squarely upon her people.  Will she awake in time to embrace those long abandoned tried and true precepts of moral governance before it is too late?

Let us all recall the lessons of history and the parables of the wise who have gone before us; whose, faithful lives did carve a nation out of a wilderness and whose devotion to the laws of their Creator kept harmony among its inhabitants.  Yea, let us return to the guide of our forefathers, too embrace the moral codes that insured domestic tranquility and brought justice to home and hearth… too a land now bereft of justice.

 Long are the nights and short the days… in the house of man.  Few there be that walk in the light and many are they who have strayed from the straight and narrow path which leads to harmony and peace among nations.  Few there be who understand that iniquity poisons the soul and that the transgressor brings judgment upon his house.  Let us no longer embrace the folly of man… building upon a foundation of sand, walking in the path of fools, failing to keep the commandments of God only to reap the wages of sin.

 Walk no more in darkness… forsake the shadows of thy father’s house.  Rise up O’man of God and take your place beside the Son… too, walk once again in the glory of His light…. therein shall ye find the peace of your forefather’s … therein is the rest by which ye shall be renewed too walk once again in the garden of God… too eat from the tree of liberty…. too  drink deeply of the river of life and the Spirit of Righteousness.

 There is a way that seems right unto man… but the ends thereof are death.  Forsake the way of men, cling not unto thine own understanding but in all thy ways acknowledge the Lord and everything ye put thine hand to shall prosper.  Do you want prosperity… then reach out to take the hand of God, too, let Him be thy guide in the way.  Take again the compass of thine forefather’s, to set a straight and narrow course, that leads unto the Tree of Liberty… that you may eat of its fruit now and forever.  Amen


Ronald A. Nelson

Col. USA (ret.)


About usar4me

Retired US Army Colonel... Christian, married with two wonderful daughters and granddaughters.
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