Who Will Stand In The Hour Of Our Need…

Who will stand in the hour of need…too, shore up the breech in the wall?  Who has the wisdom and spirit of hope too look the enemies of our faith in the eye and declare them vanquished?

Let the Word of God… go before us the Standard of our Regiment… let it clear a path in the wilderness where there seemeth to be no way.  Let the weak say I’m strong and let the strong bear up the weak in love.  For darkness now descends upon mankind… and hope wanes cold in the hearts of many… the congregation needs revival and the strength of many fails for a lack of wisdom and the Word of God.

Shall we feed the flock with the fodder of men… and expect them too be strong in the might of the Lord… Nay, for the faint of spirit are not refreshed with the meat of the flesh… They are renewed by the washing of the Word… with the power of the Spirit.  Come let us drink of the well of Christ that we may thirst no more… come eat of the bread of Christ and be full.

Let the Sheppard water his flock at the well of righteousness and feed them from the storehouses of our Lord… that they may be strong in the might of the Spirit.  It is time O’ ye men of God, too renew and refresh the congregations of the Lord with the unfettered Word of God.  Be no more timid in the Spirit, nor lax in the application of the Word… feed your flocks with the meat of the Word and let the babes in Christ drink deeply of the milk of the Word that they may mature in Christ… able to eat of the strong meat of the Word of God.

Shall we ignore the sick… too deny them the balm of Gilead?  Let the elders among you minister the wine and the oil that the weak and the sick may recover from their sins… that the Body may be whole and purified… ready for the Lords’ return. Let every man minister one to the other, that the Body of Christ may not lack any good thing.  Call the congregation to account… too, restoration and obedience.  Fear not the shaking that must come… for the root is strong and the true branches able to resist the winds of the time. Purge out the lump that the whole may be pure.  Amen.


About usar4me

Retired US Army Colonel... Christian, married with two wonderful daughters and granddaughters.
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