Where are the captains of the hosts…


Where are the men of sound judgment the bearers of the Lords cup… where are the captains of the hosts, let the strong men arise in the name of the Lord… Be strong and of good courage, for the battle is engaged and there is no turning back.  Day turnneth unto night and the winds bring with them a tale of distress… for all the world awaits with certain trepidation, the coming storm.

Look not too the right nor the left but look up for thy help comes from above… it is not in the power of men that ye shall have victory, for judgment sits upon the house of man and his days grow short… Look up, for thy savior comes in clouds of glory; even as He once ascended, He shall now descend… As He once died and rose again, He shall now prevail over death and His enemies shall become His footstool.

Prepare ye the way of the Lord… make haste to secure thy house, sweep it clean and pour out the oil of Gilead… upon the sick, that they may have mercy… and encourage the weak… that they may be strong. Speak forthrightly to the congregation; deny them not the unction of the Spirit…. For in these days, it is not by might nor by power, but by My Spirit… that My people shall draw their strength. Be of good cheer for the battle is Mine and the victory is certain…  it is yours…. saith, the Lord. 

Speak to the watchmen upon the wall… warn them to be diligent, too watch closely as day passes unto night, so will darkness overtake the slothful servant… and the thief comes when ye least expect him… Sound the trumpet and brake out the armor, gird up thy loins with the Spirit of Truth.  Take hold of thy shield and by faith quench the fiery darts of the wicked one; lean not unto thy own understanding, but in all thy ways acknowledge My Word… keep the faith, in season and out… for by faith, the just are justified.

Now abides love… for the world will turn with hate, too destroy the righteous… Satan knows he has but a little time, and his wroth is kindled against the Holy One, and His flock… The world will give thee up, but I will not forsake thee, nor abandon thee… Be at peace in the midst of the coming storm, and I will be there too gather thee up; with the sound of the trumpet and the voice of an Archangel… Yea, I shall transform thee in the twinkling of an eye… it shall be done. 

Comfort one another with these words and be of good cheer, the beginning of a new age is upon thee, and thy hope shall soon be revealed in Truth… Amen.


About usar4me

Retired US Army Colonel... Christian, married with two wonderful daughters and granddaughters.
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