To Be Hot Rather Than Cold…

To have a zeal for God without knowledge… is to be hot rather than cold.  It is the lukewarm that Christ has said would be ‘spit out’.  Let us acknowledge that the status quo… the lukewarm, something for everybody, dry and powerless sermons of the clergy have brought the Church to where it is today… a bowl of mush.

The Apostles were true REVOLUTIONARIES and Christ Himself stormed the Temple Gates… over turning tables and with a scourge he ejected the merchandisers of His people from the very gates of the Temple in Jerusalem.  It is time that we had men and women with that kind of zeal and anointing today… the institutional Church needs to be shaken with such force too awake the dead.

God certainly is angry… and His wroth is about to be displayed in the earth once again… Prepare ye the way of the Lord… make haste, trim thy lamps and if you lack oil… go and purchase some that your lamp may not go out.  The laws of God are not difficult to comprehend nor are they hard… they are just and easy for those who love Him.  God’s Words are not open to private interpretation; they are not hidden or easily confused… if any one lacks wisdom, let them ask of the Lord who will give to them liberally…

Freely we have received and freely we are too give… out of the abundance of a man’s heart cometh forth the testimony of his faith… neither bitter waters are found there in. Let our communications be a testimony of our faith and our works an example of our piety in Christ… that the world may know HIM and NOT US… we must decrease and He must increase.


About usar4me

Retired US Army Colonel... Christian, married with two wonderful daughters and granddaughters.
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