The Common Wealth of Christ… What Is The Purpose Of Wealth and God’s Gifts?

Prophets Corner

During this season of giving and reflection upon Christ it is only appropriate that one examine… the truth concerning The Common Wealth of Christ… Our Christian inheritance in Christ, the purpose of wealth, and the gifts given by God, to the various members of the Body of Christ.
How do we measure our faith and success in this world?  Is it by the world standards or God’s?  So many today miss the essence of our faith, the common wealth of Christ…  as ONE BODY… one faith, in one baptism… as brothers and sisters.  Yet, our lives often fail to reflect these precepts and the purpose of the Church.
Whose keeper are we? Who are our brother and sister… our mother and father?  For what purpose were we given gifts and wealth in the earth?  Is it for our own benefit, or for the greater good of all in…

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Retired US Army Colonel... Christian, married with two wonderful daughters and granddaughters.
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