Question of the Day 3/19/13 – Tea Party Command Center


There may exist a misunderstanding regarding the terms ‘legislate morals’… the law can not make men moral… It can only define socially acceptable standards for morality.  FREE MEN then have the choice to serve the law or to live outside the law… to be moral or immoral.  Legislation can not make men moral it is the free will of man to choose to be moral, by obeying the moral code or to live outside the law… too, be immoral. It is a choice.

Our Constitution was created for a FREE PEOPLE with an emphasis on INDIVIDAL RESPONSIBILITY… there are many restraints placed on government by our Constitution, the federal governments ability to legislate moral and social issues is restricted to its enumerated powers.  That is why our founding father’s stated our form of government required an innately moral people… Those who need no law or restraints by government… being moral, the people already have the law of morality written upon the fleshly tablets of their hearts.  It was the INDIVIDUAL who was to be the law of restraint in our Constitutional Republic…

This liberty in the law… however, only works where men are already of solid moral Character… Where men are not so inclined, the law must be FIRM, establishing moral boundary’s for the immoral.  Today, we find a lack of moral character among the general public and hence the need for the expansion of the law… too, restrain evil.  Our social disorder and loss of liberty can be directly traced to our lack of moral rectitude as a nation… too, the removal of God from the public square and our hearts.  For evil to be restrained, where no moral conscience exist among the people, the LAW MUST RULE OVER MEN.

However, in such a place… liberty is exchanged for security, from the lawless and immoral acts of a few… Tyranny is afoot and soon depots will rule over the people.  Liberty there, will soon die and free men will find themselves bound by corruption and corrupt laws.

Question of the Day 3/19/13 – Tea Party Command Center


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