Women in Combat… A Combat Veteran’s Perspective

I posted the following in response to a woman who was upset by my taking exception to the concept of women in combat… I think a rational reader may find it informative and compelling:

Well Mary… if you could experience one day of heavy close combat, I assure you that as a rational woman you would reconsider the role of women in combat units. It is not about bigotry or prejudice; it’s about survival as an individual and as a member of a combat team.

Women are not part of the NFL because of bigotry… it’s because they are not naturally equipped to go head to head with their male counterparts on the foot ball field. For the same or similar reasons women are not equipped to compete with males in combat. The Military is not PLAYING GAMES… there is no referee, no time outs, no second downs, no substitutions in combat. There are only the ‘Quick and the Dead’ in combat… and women are simply not quick enough.

Imagine a woman 5’5” who weights 135lbs… Imagine that women loaded down with another 80 plus pounds of personal body armor, a weapon, and basic load. Imagine that same women carrying an additional 25-50 lbs. of squad and platoon equipment, her share of the teams basic load. Then imagine that same woman engaging in hand to hand close combat all night. I don’t believe you can imagine the real physical and emotional strain that heavy close combat places upon those who engage in it… it is well beyond the stress found in the NFL and every bit as physical.

I’ve observed women fail under light combat loads and conditions, over and over. Women assigned as military vehicle operators, to a crew served weapon, etc… each had a difficult time in keeping up with their male counter parts. They frequently need additional support to fulfill their mission, support, not normally required by their male counterparts. Very few women that I observed measure up to the demands of heavy close combat. However, there is no reason for women to feel ashamed, slighted or too take offense; women can not compete as members of an NFL team either… Their Creator simply did not create them for such tasks.

Again… it is not bias to consider the physical and psychological limitations of those being selected for infantry or combat unit assignments. It is sound military judgment to screen out those who can not physically or psychologically engage in combat duty. The Army already screens males for physical and psychological profiles that render them unfit for combat units. Low body mass/strength, emotional instability, physical abnormalities, each play an important roll in selecting and WEEDING out males who can’t hack close combat.

The vast majority of woman by their nature (DNA) are already in the can’t hack it category… not because of their attitude or desire; rather, it is their innate nature, the natural order, the physical and psychological condition associated with being a female is not conducive to close combat rolls… It is not in their DNA.

Attitude and desire are not sufficient alone to post one to the NFL… it takes physical and psychological attributes that go beyond desire too make the team. It also takes more than desire and a willingness to become an effective member of a combat team.

In summary… It is not within the natural order for women too function as front line combat troops, any more than it is to expect women to qualify as members of the NFL. Their DNA does not meet the standards required for close combat duty or the NFL


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Retired US Army Colonel... Christian, married with two wonderful daughters and granddaughters.
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