Our Nations Problems Are Not Rooted In It’s Government… they are merely a reflection of our moral decay.

Our nations problem is not GOVERNMENT… it is a moral one.  Since, God has been rejected from the public square our problems as a people and nation have vastly increased.  Our nations moral underpinnings have been eroded and the moral code of our forefathers abandoned by an egalitarian society… where right has become wrong and wrong has become right.

Our form of government requires a moral people and not just any form of morality… it requires a moral system anchored in the JUDEO/CHRISTIAN ethic.  However, our schools, pubic institutions and national leadership have long abandoned such precepts for social order… too, embrace the irrational amoral codes of the humanist movement.  Political correctness and all its facets has destroyed the foundations for a just and equitable moral order in America.  Even the protagonist of our historic experiment in individual liberty are amazed at just how quickly and far America has fallen.

It is time not only to retake the halls of government but to revitalize our National sense of morality… too, once again instill the social order of our fathers in our homes and public institutions.  We must RETURN to the moral ethic that our Creator provided for our benefit and blessing… the word of God must once again become the compass by which our ship of state is helmed.  If we are to have peace and prosperity once again… we must abandon the road to perdition and return to the path of righteousness… right standing before our God.

The plans and thoughts of men are vain… vanity, vanity… all have gone astray.  There is only one certain path for success in life and that path rests in the true and tried Word of God.  Atheist, agnostic, weak and strong Christians alike… all understand that love and the precepts of a just and equitable system of law unlocks the door to the path we all seek… peace and prosperity for one and all.

Now, it is up to the people too repent from their sin… their failures as men and to return to the God of their forefather’s… too invite Nature’s Creator to sit at the head of our Nation; too unlock the power need to heal our Nation and to bring about a common purpose in the brotherhood  that was once embraced by every American… A true ‘New World Order’, where all men and women may embrace the common good and brotherhood, found thru obedience to our  Creator and His will for mankind. 

There is a New Year coming let us forge a path to a NEW BEGINNING… that the New Year may return our Nation to its purpose… too, be that light set upon a hill, that beacon of liberty in a world of darkness.  Will you join me in this effort… will America once again have the vision too regain her greatness?  Time will tell… and I pray it’s report may be a good one

RA Nelson

COL., US Army (Ret.)


About usar4me

Retired US Army Colonel... Christian, married with two wonderful daughters and granddaughters.
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