A Veterans Testimony… God’s Providence is always nearest when the need is greatest.

The spontaneous exhortation of one whose God has intervened more times than can be numbered…

With gallant tales of days long gone… with memories of torrid tempests, of men in pain and long-suffering; I reflect on God’s provision in times where no other would do.  How often, I would sit in wisdom’s hands, unknown to me His great plans; to unlock the doors, where others would bar the way… Too bring lo the mountains, that stood in my way. 

Yeah, I did walk in the valley, in the shadow of death… but feared no evil; for it was God’s hand upon my shoulder, that pointed the way. For those whose days are filled with forebode, whose nights did ring with sporadic flight; with the crack of lightening’s voice… and with the sound of artillery and the cry of men caught in death… There is no other hope, than that of God’s breath. His Spirit, driven voice of calm… that so often gave me hope, where hope had gone.

I can testify of many a trial and hard place… where no escape was certain, and the darkness of death stood looming overhead… a curtain of woe. Yet, it was God’s call in my life, and His purpose that I should live, yet again… Too, declare His Glory, to tell His story; to many, with like horror and forebode the promise of deliverance from our Saviour, so bold.

Let us all recount our blessings… and know, the call of God is sure…That His Hand, is more than enough and that this land and our hope, are in His care.  Let us dare… too, raise our voice in harmony… Too, praise His Name, His Glorious Name; that all men may come, to know salvation’s Master… The Lord our God, that men may live, no more in fear… but with victory, declare the Glory of His Name… Jesus Christ, Lord and Master… God and King… Eternal Saviour… Amen.

Ronald A. Nelson
Col., USArmy (Ret.)

The foregoing testimony being my personal account and testimony.



About usar4me

Retired US Army Colonel... Christian, married with two wonderful daughters and granddaughters.
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