The Question Is Not… Do The People Want To Be Heard… It Is, Will They Be Heard?

The question is not do the people want to be heard… it is will they be heard. History has long demonstrated that governments to often hold themselves separate from those governed; that the diligent resolve of those governed must not only petition but be prepared to persuade government…  by peaceful and consistent contact, through open public debate, and when there is yet no return on the voice of the people… by massive assembly and if need a general strike.

It appears the words of many may have raised the eye of those in power but the will to engage reform is yet to be seen.  Little but rhetoric and political theater has resulted from the cries for reform.  The people must not become complacent and the voice of appeasement must be ignored; for the feigned words of the unjust even though on paper sooner find the waste bins of government… too, be forgotten.  The chalice is yet empty, the return of liberty and our heritage in doubt… be not fooled by the fools voice, but measure that which is done… not by words nor empty promises, but by actions that profit reform.

I have seen the enemy and it is us… the complacent and fool hardy who hear the tempered tones of Washington, as it engages a desperate time with feeble resolve to bring about real change.  Acts that are undertaken, while knowing the end is not sure, are not likely to bring about  reform. They are but empty chalices given to appease those whose resolve is often short and tempered by the fear to act.

Let us then rally to the cause of the Patriot… too double down on our efforts, that the tyrant may know we intend to stay the course. Let us with resolve declare the feigned reform for what it is and demand the truth of reform be engaged… Let America resolve to hold ACCOUNTABLE its servants, that government may soon be of the people, for the people, and by the people.

So let it be resolved:

Ronald A. Nelson

Col., US Army (ret)


About usar4me

Retired US Army Colonel... Christian, married with two wonderful daughters and granddaughters.
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