An Unjust Balance or Unequal Scale… is an abomination.


Properly functioning Capitalism requires a moral people… just as our Government requires a moral people to operate properly. Is government in America functioning as it was intended? Why not? The moral compass that once directed our ship of state and sat at the head of commerce has been lost.

A moral people must be guided… by a set of tenants and percepts outside of their own nature; as man’s inhumanity toward man has clearly demonstrated there is no good or moral nature to be found within the man who acts alone. The ‘God of Creation’ and the Judeo/Christian ethic is the moral compass our forefathers chose and the one we need to follow in government and business. It is the Creator that bestows the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. It follows, that God’s order (Word/Law) are necessary to the orderly maintenance of these rights.

When a people deny the Creator’s Law… and reject His guidance, they abandon the Truth and suffer the ills of their own making. Whether, their abandon be manifested in economic, political, or cultural decay; the sums of their calamity matters little, as the end result is the loss of their liberty. Today, we see the result of a long and deteriorating relationship between God and America.

Can our Nation retain its founding principals without its Creator… It is not only the government that has strayed… It is the people themselves, and the damage is not only visible in government, but in our homes and CORPORATE BOARD ROOMS of America.

America must return to the standards of equity… and the balance that God demands in commerce. God’s precepts of equity and justice must once again be the rule for engaging others in commerce and government… In the home and at work… In our schools and organizations… America must return to Natures Creator, if she desires fruit from the Tree of Liberty.

Capitalism and Democracy are empty shells… which must be filled with the right measure of moral order and purpose, to be instruments of righteousness, and a blessing to the people. Without God at the helm, Capitalism and Democracy soon become ship wrecked in a sea of despair and hopelessness. Where is God in our government and Corporate Board Rooms today? Does God sit in a seat of honor, as Lord, or has Mammon, the love of wealth and power, become lord in America?

There is no such thing as the separation of Church (God) and State… Ones government and religion are the reflection of their faith… What they believe. What image does America reflect in its culture, commerce, and government? Is it the God of Creation? Can America separate God from its government and the engines of her commerce, and still claim to be Christian (God like, Christ like)?

Board rooms and businesses that use an unjust scale or weight… to conduct their commerce, don’t fool God… Equity is not blind nor is a just contract or balance derived by taking undue advantage of others. Godly capitalism EARNS reasonable profits based on value added… not by the use of ones position, leverage, or raw power to exploit others.

A Godly people understand… what I’m speaking about. However, the ungodly will never understand that they are ‘their brothers keeper’. They consider windfalls and the exploitation of others justified as the tools of a free market. They don’t see them as an unjust scale or weight.

God doesn’t support slothfulness in labor… nor is he pleased when the Ox is muzzled. Labor and Capital must find an equitable arrangement where a just reward is earned by each… through an equitable exchange… just weights and measures. When Godly commerce is conducted, both parties are satisfied. This form of Capitalism results in prosperity for all.

A Capital market… that allows products manufactured at 2 dollars an hour to be marketed where labor costs are 8 times greater is a text book example of the manipulation and exploitation of markets… geared to achieve an unjust return on investment. Profits earned under these market conditions are not earned through value added… or a just weight. They are earned through the exploitation of unequal markets and are the tools of GREED and AVARICE. So, are many of the Free Market Treaties and agreements found in the world today.

It is hypocrisy for the capitalist to point at the socialist… to accuse him of robbery; when he is engaged in the very same act, but by another means. What difference is there between robbing the wage of the poor and unjustly taking the wealth of the rich? Both are WRONG and ungodly acts.

There can be no moral rationalization or argument that justifies slave wages… Capital that earns an exorbitant profit from labor, through market position, uses a form of unequal balances and weights in there commerce. God is not pleased and the end result is a corrupt system of commerce for all.

The markets in America are no longer open or free… consumers, small business and new enterprises are forced to compete with immoral businesses practices that exploit wages and the unregulated market places of the third world. The unethical business man takes advantage of market forces to achieve market share that is unjustly earned. This makes it difficult for small business and labor to obtain an equitable share in the market or just wages. At one time, such market exploitation was corrected through trade laws… and the use of tariffs, duties and restrictions on imports. These were the champions of small business and labor… engaging a JUST BALANCE in commerce.

Tariffs, duties and restrictions on imports are not immoral or anti-trade… they seek to keep commerce on a moral keel. They deny those who would seek to exploit labor and manipulate world markets unregulated access to US Markets. In fact, tariffs, duties and import restrictions are Constitutional powers permitted to the Federal government… for the regulation of commerce. It is time to reinstate these provisions, to implement there use, wherever the exploitation of unequal markets is used to gain unfair advantages in the US Market.

These practices were considered both moral and necessary… for the regulation of commerce by our founding fathers. Tariffs, import duties and restrictions need to be imposed once again; as safe guards against the exploitation of markets, and the destruction of American small business, and labor… Period


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Retired US Army Colonel... Christian, married with two wonderful daughters and granddaughters.
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