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Where are the Shepherds of Israel?


Where are the Shepherds of Israel?


What sayest thou O’ Shepherd…Who seekest thou now, and what favor doth thou desire:


       Why hast thou numbered My strength?  Why lookest thou among the people and weigh their number…To whom doest thou seek favor?  For what reward do you seek, among the many?


       Hast Eve grown in her presence, does she now seek her husbands place?  Count her number and sow in her field; saith the Lord.  Plant your seed in her field; trust in her number that you may eat today!  For tomorrow comes and with it the rising of the Son…


       For the day comes when I will cause a great wind to blow, from the East, it shall blow; and the Locust shall come and devour your planting and the fruit thereof shall be consumed with fire…  Whom will you turn to then?  …For thine comfort, and sustenance…  The love of lucre has consumed you, and all your gain is for naught.


       Woe unto ye Shepherds that do feed thyself!  Art thou My shepherd?  What doest thou feed My flock?  Thou doest consume My people, feeding them fodder for the truth.  Thou walkest in the counsel of the ungodly, and standeth in the way with sinners, and sitteth in the seat of the scornful…Thou hast made My house a den of thieves, offering up the wounded, and the lame, as meat for My table.  What saith, the scripture, and what is thy reward?


Surely, My flock is become pray for the beast of the field, where is the shepherd among My people…to bind up the broken, to heal the sick and to find the lost sheep of My fold.  They are scattered everyone to his own place, everyone to seek his own way…  As Korah and Miriam sought to stand in their own way…  thou now stand, in your own way…


       Whose house do ye seek to rob?  Seek ye the gain of Baalam?  For profit, thou sell thyself and thy flocks.  Yea eat the fat of the land, and ye are clothed with fine linen and wool, ye kill them that are fed: but ye feed not the flock.


Ye build and ye build again, only to find that your house is full and Mine is empty.  Whited sepulchres, filled with the dead…you build your own testimony.  Thinkest, I have no eyes to see, or that My arm is shortened?


        Repent, O’ ye Shepherds, for I will come again, and require the blood of My flock at your hands…lest ye repent.  Go and dip thyself seven times, in the river of God.  Go and wash thy hands…wash thyself, in the pool of Siloam that ye may see.  Go and buy fine oil and anoint thy head, that ye may be healed of thy leprosy…Go quickly, as the judge of the Earth comes, in an hour and day you think not…


       Be not dismayed; for I am He who chastiseth those He loves; saith the Lord of Host.


Your Brother in Christ;





       Scriptural references: Nu 12:1-16; Deu 7:7; 32:28-29; 1Sam 2:29-36; 2Kings 5:10; Psalms 65:9; Jer 2: 8&11, 6: 13-30; 7: 8-11, 50: 6-8; Isa 16: 9-63, 57:2-13; Ez 34: 2; John 9:7; 2Peter 2: 15-22; Jude 11-23; Rev 2: 14-17, 20-22, 3: 14-17.



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In these Last Days… God speaks by His Spirit


God Speaks by His Spirit


       God desires to speak to your heart with a new tongue, with the power, clarity, and beauty of His Holy Spirit… to each of us, directly and personally.  Erasing, the doubts, and fears that come from never hearing His Word from His lips!  He that has an ear let him hear… and an eye to see let him see, for the glory of the Lord shall proclaim it from the mount, unto all His will He speak in this day.


       In these last days, it is not by the multitude of mans words that we are made over-comers but by His Spirit…  For He has purposed to pour out of His Spirit upon all flesh that none should lack knowledge, wisdom or instruction unto righteousness.


HEAR IS WISDOM: The deep things of God are to be received with personal meditation and effort…  Not by the mouth or hand of another…  That they may abide in you and not another.


       Therefore, study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the Word of Truth.  (2 Tim 2:15)  KJV


       Let no man instruct you.  Rather, let the Holy Spirit instruct you and lead you into all truth…  For He is the earnest deposit of your hope in Glory… lean on Him… the Holy Spirit.


       Know this that all scripture is given by inspiration of God and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness…  Be fully furnished and equipped for battle, put on the full armor of God that you may stand in the day of trial.


Your Brother in Christ;



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There is vanity in a multitude of Words



To All:

In a multitude of words man hides his agony… longing to discover his path in life, he struts and frets his hour upon this stage… and then is heard no more.

Vanity, vanity all is vanity and vexation of the spirit… for man builds his house… only to have others occupy it. He sows a field for others to reap and heaps up treasure to go to his grave in darkness… and alone.

But hope springs eternal… for those who in God trust; whose house is built upon the rock. For this man knows his purpose in life is to obey God and to serve Him with all he is…body, spirit and soul.

This man is stayed in his ways, by the promises of God… and he is not moved… by the wind of adversity. He is at rest within… and at peace with himself and God.

His mouth drips with the dew of righteousness, and his Words are gems of light spoken in the darkness… of this world.  Out of his belly flows a river of righteousness to water those who thrust for the water of life.  They satisfy the soul and bring peace unspeakable.

His Words are few… but feed a multitude.  They are bread to the hungry, the manna of life to those who find them.  Giving hope to the lost and encouragement to those in despair.

His Word doesn’t fall to the ground void, but prospers in the vessel called to God’s purpose… They bring forth an hundred fold return unto the Kingdom of God.

Are your Words light, unto those in darkness?  Do you know your calling and purpose?  I pray this Word finds root in your spirit and that it brings fulfillment and understanding of God’s plan for you…That your mouth may reveal the Kingdom of God… unto all those with an ear to hear.

Your Brother in Christ;



A Prophet Comes


Beloved Brothers and Sisters of the Lord:


Why saith thou… art thou truly a Prophet?  Knowing, that we speak as an oracle of God and that which we speak are Words that no man may speak by himself… nor the hand of the flesh write… For the Holy Spirit of Truth has surely quickened them in your soul… thou doth know and are convinced by the sword of truth… in thy heart, of the truth.


For these Words are the very breath of Him… who sits at the right hand of God the Father.  God, breathed His Word, upon our soul, with the breath of the Holy Spirit… their strength and authority speaking in the spirit by the Holy Spirit.


In these last days, He has quickened His Word in His prophets, to make straight a path in the wilderness… to set a light as a beacon in the darkness… to draw all men to Him… 


It is for this purpose that I have come into the World. The first born, male, from my mother’s womb, consecrated by God a son and a Prophet of reconciliation unto His people. He that has an ear to hear let him hear what the Spirit has declared: 


These lips have tasted of the truth and eaten of the hidden manna of God.  They speak the truth that we have seen and do know the living God. 


I am one who stands in the highway, in the streets, and by ways.  Too, declare make straight your path; for our Lord commeth quickly in an hour you think not.  I am one sent to bring the sword of the Spirit to every man…  His Word, to circumcise their heart.


I am the watchman…  Set in a strong tower, to prepare the way with power and the Truth…  One crying in the wilderness to bear witness… too, warn this generation of gainsayers… too, awaken those that sleep; too, sound the alarm over the City of God… Too, declare the coming of Judgement and the wrath of God, upon the earth and the flesh of man.


It is written…  I have sent mine messenger to testify unto you these things in the churches, I am the root and offspring of David, and the bright, and morning star.  And, the Spirit and the bride say, Come…  And, let him that heareth say… Come.  And, let him that is athirst Come and whosoever will let him take the water of life freely; saith, the Lord of Host.


If I testify of myself my testimony is false; search the scriptures for they are that which bear witness and testify of me. 


What thinkest thou brother that the love of God is without judgement… that He should allow His son’s and daughter’s to be as those of Eli.  As Phinehas and Hophni, who caused the Lord to remove the Arch and His Spirit, from the midst of His people.


Verily, I say unto you, there comes a time, as in the days of Shiloh, when the Spirit of the Lord will be taken from the earth and those left shall be delivered to the spirit of the anti-Christ for a time of Great Tribulation… such as has never been nor shall be thereafter.


It is written, blessed are they that do His commandments; that they may have the right to the tree of life, and may enter in through the gates into the city, New Jerusalem.  For outside the city dwell dogs, sorcerers, whoremongers, murderers, idolaters, and whosoever loveth and maketh a lie.



Your Brother in Christ;







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