Abortion… The American Holocaust

For too long… abortion has been treated as if those who participate in it have been mislead and for the greater part engage in it out of naivety. However, the fact is that the vast majority of those who engage in this industry know full well the ramifications of their acts and CHOOSE to willing engage in them.

It is time… that Christians’ begin to hold those responsible for this industry… and those who engage in the act of abortion personally accountable. It is not necessary that we berate or harass them… however, it is time to shun and engage them with the facts… HARD FACTS about their erroneous choice to engage in MURDER.

It is time… to Warn the Sinner of their sin… that their blood may not be upon our hands.(Read Ezk 3:18-21). If the Salt hath lost it’s savor what value then is there in its saltiness? If the righteous will not stand firmly for righteousness, how then shall the unrighteous see their error and repent.

For too long… the Church has made it EASY for sin to dwell in their midst… claiming it is compassion that must prevail over Truth… yet, compassion that leaves the sinner to sin… is no more compassion but a wanton choice to avoid confrontation and the uncomfortable task of dealing with sin.

We must be BOTH compassionate and truthful… faithful, to the gospel of Christ… Sin, must be dealt with, both on a personal and cultural level. Preachers and teachers of the Gospel of Christ must warn the wicked of their ways… Too, encourage repentance and confession; that their sin may be forgiven, that the Grace of God, may not be abused or forestalled.(1John 1:8-10; Jude 4-23; Rev 3:1-6)

Cuddling those who engage in Abortion… is not acceptable. Presenting sinners the Truth is our duty to THEM and Christ. Let us no longer make excuses for sin; rather, let us offer the Truth… rendering sin inoperable in the Body of Chrsit… That we may live in the Holiness of His Word.

Separate the sinner from among you… Stand not in the way with sinners, nor sit in the seat of the scornful; take no counsel from the world and the ungodly in it, but be Holy even as God is Holy. Knowing, that in these last days perilous times shall come upon the Church and many shall fall away… turning again to embrace the world and the things in the world. (Ps 1:1; 1Cor 5:6-12; 2Cor 6:1-18; 2Tim 3:1-7)

Behold the Lord stands at the door… if anyone shall hear His voice and opens the door… Christ shall come in to them and sup with them and them with He. However, the fool shall refuse to hear the Word of the Lord and will not OPEN THEIR HEART that He may enter. (Rev 3:19-21)


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Retired US Army Colonel... Christian, married with two wonderful daughters and granddaughters.
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