America Must Regain Her Moral Footing

The inhumanity of man toward mankind should be apparent to all… Nations that disregard our Creators moral code for human relations, soon find themselves engaged in social chaos… Hell on Earth.

I have seen the poor and wretched… the huddled masses as they cling in hope for a better day… Only, to have their hope fall captive, to the unfettered tyranny of lawless men. I have watched the bassist of criminal acts, rip apart any hope of civil order, where men are restrained only by raw power… Here, men, without a moral compass, set upon the Creators Law… soon engage in self-deception and are beset by their own lust and greed. There, to be ruled in the most cruel ways.

America, is a shinning City set upon a hill… whose guiding light once brought hope too a world in darkness; whose, purpose in the earth did transcended it’s own destiny… too engage the hopelessness of nations, caught in a cycle of lawlessness and self-defeat. America must remain strong… the bastion of liberty in a world of hopelessness, a tower of strength, too defend the fatherless, widow, and poor. Without America… the world will soon descend into an abyss; there, to be swallowed up by the revelry of the predator… loosed, to ravage the souls of a wanton people.

America, must regain her moral footing… she must once again return to the core of her strength… too, engage her Creator and purpose in the earth… to serve God with all her heart, strength, and soul. America must once more be defined by a greater good… that transcends the physical need of her own people; too, reengage it’s moral compass… to find it’s course among the Nations… A City set upon a hill. A beacon of light in the darkness, for those who suffer from humanities, inhumanity… toward one another.

RA Nelson

Col. USArmy (Ret)


About usar4me

Retired US Army Colonel... Christian, married with two wonderful daughters and granddaughters.
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