All Thy Words Sing

Hear me O’ Lord God… All Thy Word sings and resounds in my soul… Too, open the gate, where only spirit may go…  There, to rest in the midst of Thy garden… as in the beginning: Too, sing a song without an ending; Too, be with Thee in the Spring of my youth… Too, find shade in Thee in the Summer of my days; Too, rejoice in Thee in the autumn of the hearvest… Too, winter in Thee, in the warmth of Thy Hands.  Amen.
This Lord is the heritage of thy saints… to be thy  friend and even more; too, be as thee for evermore.  Let us rejoice at the sound of thy word… too, hear the whisper of thy Spirit in our soul. That we may call upon Thee O’ Lord, early in the morning… with psalms of praise, too worship thee every day… morning, noon and night. That we may have sight to see, and thy blessing the blessings of thy Might…
For, the Spirit gives us hope and knowledge of Thee… It is Thy never ending provision of life for me, and all who shall see.  That, we may serve thee with our heart and in Spirit live, set apart… with psalms of thanksgiving and praise; with Love as our guide and banner, along the way… Too, show us, where we must go, and what we must do and say… that the Day Star may shine light upon the earth for all men to see Thee.
Thou O’ Lord art the joy and rejoicing of my heart the song of my soul…  blessings untold, do ye bestow upon me… with the rising of the sun, to the setting of the same… Thy name shall be upon my heart and in my mouth… and a new song, shall sing in me… for all the world to wonder, and see.
That Ye, O’ Lord…  may be a blessing in the earth and a tower unto the weak… That the world, may also see and believe in Thee.  For, it is this great treasure, hidden from the world, that I carry… Even the hidden manna, from the beginning… that we may become one in the Son.  Too, become son’s and daughters of the eternal ONE!
Let, the world rejoice and all men know… The gate is open, and the way made sure… Too, everyone that will believe, a new name awaits, at heavens gate… A new life, in the Eternal One… For all who will see; the Son is risen… the, darkness dispelled… the Light of man made known… that the will of the Father may reside in thee.
Therefore, let this Word abide in thee… that ye may abide in Him… That all men… may come and drink at the Well of Glory… That this story of the Gospel, may be heard in all the world; that men may know Jesus Christ… as God… their eternal Creator.  Amen.

About usar4me

Retired US Army Colonel... Christian, married with two wonderful daughters and granddaughters.
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