No One Should Expect Fairness From The World

However ye are not of the world… ye are of Christ. Christians are new creations, born again… Christ like. If we are in Christ we should ACT LIKE CHRIST.

Our Christian and moral obligation… to those we engage in life should be above reproach… We are to be DIFFERENT from the world, in it but not of it. Whether we work for others, own businesses, sit in the board rooms of corporations, or the halls of government; Christian’s every one, are to do all things, AS UNTO THE LORD. We must be a moral and Godly people if we are to EAT of the Tree of Liberty… Think on that for just a moment.

Christians are not to defraud… those who work for them or under their supervision, because they can negotiate a better deal… Christians are to do all things as unto the Lord. A just balance and weight will always deal equitably with every transaction… whether it is with labor or the consumer. USING A JUST WEIGHT AND BALANCE in COMMERCE and our social discourse is the conduct expected in a Godly life. It also, results in a nation where God’s moral code and precepts bring order to our government, commerce and culture.

Today, many in business and labor have forgotten… the equity and balance of exchange God established as the proper approach to engage commerce and labor. Christians must reengage their commitment and return to God’s precepts for commerce, government, and life… that, they may become living examples of the Body of Christ… in the earth. Excuses and compromises made by some to maintain a grip on mammon (the world and its wealth)… will only lead to greater despair for all.

Once, this nation had a God… and every citizen understood who He was… He sat in the corporate boardrooms, moved in the White House and Congress; He dined in the homes of our father’s, He was loved and honored in America, AND GOD HONORED AMERICA with HIS BLESSING.

Do you desire to see the greatness of America once again… too, she her join the stars… too, raise high the banner of our Lord… too, once again be that shinning City set high upon a hill? Then put aside your defense of greed and avarice… the love of mammon and the pursuit of earthly lusts… Return unto thy God and HE WILL RETURN UNTO THEE… Amen.



About usar4me

Retired US Army Colonel... Christian, married with two wonderful daughters and granddaughters.
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