Take Hope In God… Our Eternal Security

People like Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, those in power today… are not moved to reform, by the signs of the times… Nor can they see the works of the Masters hand revealed in the headlines of the world media. In fact, they are more often hardened by such references to God’s revelation, becoming more defiant with each event. I’m reminded of Moses and the Pharoah… in spite of the mighty hand of God, each time Moses asked to have his people released, Pharaoh hardened his heart and became even more defiant. So it is today… among the Pharaoh’s of the earth… There is nothing new under the sun, all things remain the same among men.

We are facing Evil… Real, evil at work in the World today… Evil that has long been brewing in the basements of the world capitols… Evil which now permeates the very essence of American and world politics. Evil that finds nothing wrong with murdering the unborn, euthanizing the aged or incapacitated… or using terror to accomplish it’s ends. Evil, restrains the good in our society… labeling it as wrong and criminal; while, promoting a social and cultural system that is centered in an occult of true evil and wrong doing.

We live in the end days… the latter days of mankind, and soon there will be a reckoning among the nations. A reckoning, that will make all the former sorrow in the world pale at its enormity and horror. Great tribulation is about to descend upon the world… as a New World Socialist Order consolidates it power and takes hold on the reigns of world government… too, establish the abomination that makes desolate among the nations… The evil wrought by generations of mankind is about to prevail in the earth for a season and then judgment shall be revealed… Before all of creation, in the heavens and earth… so, that none may deny the truth… the goodness and righteousness of God’s ways over those of men.

We are in a spiritual struggle for our nation… Even, a greater struggle for the heart of mankind. Make no mistake this is not a struggle that comes without clear warning from God… Or, a struggle that is isolated to the American dream. It is a world wide struggle of good against evil… We are witnessing the last battles being waged. Let us pray to God that our nation and children are spared the worst of the coming battles… Let us pray for good men everywhere, for Christian’s and believers world wide… That they may not suffer under the coming days of great tribulation. For our warfare is not against flesh and blood alone… it is against principalities and powers of darkness… against wickedness in HIGH PLACES.

However, we are not like the world… having our hope vested in eternal things, we are not so easily moved to become distraught at the events of our times. Let us take hope in the eternal God of hope… In the One who holds the answers to all our problems… For, man is doomed to rise up, only to be stricken in death… too, be covered in the dust of his fathers… without hope.. We are not mere… men, whose hope is destined to see corruption… We are Christ’s heirs… Yes, as joint heirs with the Creator, our hope is eternal and certain.


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Retired US Army Colonel... Christian, married with two wonderful daughters and granddaughters.
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2 Responses to Take Hope In God… Our Eternal Security

  1. SonofMann says:

    Amen. The value of a human soul is of little consequence to those who serve the rulers of the darkness of this world; but the puppets that serve them are digging their own graves. Although it is hard to conceive, man already has the potential power to destroy the whole earth at the push of a button. Why hasn\’t he done this? A: Because the Hand of GOD prevents him. This is the only true reason. All things will be done according to the prophecies of the Almighty and not before then, or afterward. There is a sequence of events that must take place before the proverbial "Second Coming" and all that a Godly pastor with wisdom can declare is that there is not much time left. No man knows the hour or the day, but it should be suffice to say that the season is at hand. These are the last days. An aceleration of the GOSPEL MESSAGE has occured and the truth is being broadcast around all the earth. This is a fairly recent event. There are not many left alive (comparitively) who have not heard the gospel message… After that the Son of Perdition steps into the limelight. I am not ready to leave this world just yet… My work is not done. I realize I will never catch up because I squandered so much of my youth on the world and the things that are in it. I can only be grateful that GOD had pity on me and opened my eyes before it was too late. I look forward to meeting you in the Kingdom.

  2. Ronald says:

    Ture… so true. We all have more to do… and many of us regret the days we loose and have lost to things other than the Kingdom. Let us therefore set our minds and hearts as one, bringing captive our flesh to labor in the Kingdom all our remainning days. Amen.

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