The Common Wealth of Christ… What Is The Purpose Of Wealth and God’s Gifts?

During this season of giving and reflection upon Christ it is only appropriate that one examine… the truth concerning The Common Wealth of Christ… Our Christian inheritance in Christ, the purpose of wealth, and the gifts given by God, to the various members of the Body of Christ.
How do we measure our faith and success in this world?  Is it by the world standards or God’s?  So many today miss the essence of our faith, the common wealth of Christ…  as ONE BODY… one faith, in one baptism… as brothers and sisters.  Yet, our lives often fail to reflect these precepts and the purpose of the Church.
Whose keeper are we? Who are our brother and sister… our mother and father?  For what purpose were we given gifts and wealth in the earth?  Is it for our own benefit, or for the greater good of all in the family of God… even, the lost in this world?  What examples have we in scripture regarding wealth and the use of our Godly gifts? Do they speak to the common good or for our own purposes?
Today, men often measure success by the aubundance of worldly possessions… The size and grandeur of one’s earthly holdings.  Tel-evangelist and many in the Church today, preach a prosperity gospel… based upon giving to get and receiving abundance in this life, as a measure of success in ones Christian walk. They neglect the truth concerning the use of wealth and the gifts of God given to the Body of Christ… seeking rather, too use them for personal gain they neglect their true purpose.
Many in the Church use a world view as their ideal for success… both personally and as the measure of success within the Ministries of God … The Twelve Apostles and the Church of Acts would be seen as a failure using these standards. The Church of Acts, struggled to feed its own, too remain free from the jaws of Lions in Rome’s Coliseum… It certainly did not have massive, ornate Cathedrals, nor did its clergy travel in private jets or boast of extravagant personal wealth.  No, the Church of Acts held all things in common… They were a common wealth and understood that the gifts of God… were to be held in trust for all, and were not the personal reward and gifts of individual members.  Nay, they saw no boasting or personal achievement as God moved in their lives… Rather, they saw a blessing and opportunity to serve the whole of God’s Body… each member effectually ministering to those who lacked according to their gifts… spiritual and physical.
There should be no lack in the Church today… spiritual or physical…  no unemployment, no poverty, or lack for any basic need, among the true believers… The Body of Christ has no lack… nor, neglect of love for the less fortunate.  Certainly, all should work but where there is no work, where illness or widows struggle, or the old, disabled or infirm  cry out, there should be an abundance of love in the Body… to cover the need with the physical abundance in Christ’s Body.  Yet, there is lack and great physical suffering in the Body of Christ today… why?
Many in the Church have forgotten the purpose of wealth and the gifts of God… They view wealth as a PERSONAL blessing, given for their exclusive use… The do not understand that all things good extend from God and are given for the whole of His creation. God’s abundance is given freely to all those of faith who lack… through His gifts to His Body… the Church.
Does this mean that men ought not to work or look to others for their lively hood? Nay…  It means that every Christian should use the gifts given to him by God to the fullest extent… and where one lacks, others are to met that lack… be it in wealth or in knowledge… in love and in strength, the Church is to uphold the weak in the faith and in body.  That every member of the Body may be supplied by the effectual working of Christ’s Love… that none should lack any good thing. 
The Modern Church, to a great extent, has failed in its purpose… As a common wealth for the Body of Christ… a storehouse of spiritual and physical abundance. Through, One Body, One Faith and One Lord, the Body of Christ is built up in Love… lacking no good thing; that we may all come into the UNITY OF THE FAITH… unto the full measure and stature of Jesus Christ… perfect men and women.  The modern Church lacks the compassion needed to meet the needs of the less fortunate within it’s Body… many go hungry, while some have more than enough for generations to come.
It is the duty of the ministry to exhort… Yea, to edify the Body in Christ; so that, there is no lack in understanding and wisdom… Speaking the Truth, the full gospel of Christ, perfecting the Saints… That the Church may not be tossed to and fro, and carried about with every wind of doctrine, by the sleight of men and cunning craftiness… for PERSONAL aggrandizement.  Rather, the ministry is to supervise the Common Wealth of Christ… ministering to the widow and fatherless to the needy that none should lack. 
A Church that is vibrant and alive will see that it’s members are cared for… being a witness to the world, a storehouse of love for the afflicted and down trodden. A Church that carries this witness carries the burden of Christ to the world and is a light in the darkness… sadly, this Church does not exist in much of what is called Christendom today.
It is a sad commentary upon the Church to see many of its members homeless, without work and lacking in the basic needs to sustain life… All, while some lavish themselves in the opulence of Grand Cathedrals, topped with cooper burnished roofs, filed with the ornate furnishings of Kings… flying around the world in multi-million dollar private jets, riding in posh and expensive automobiles… All, while millions of their brothers and sisters lack food and clothing. What witness is this?  Where is the Love of God in such a display and how will the world receive such a witness?
What will Christ say to those whose treasure is in the earth; whose, abundance is not in Love, but in their material wealth?  Can a man serve mammon and God… two masters?  What is God’s desire concerning His House and His Children?  Is the Body of Christ ONE?  Do we act as if we are ONE BODY? What is real LOVE… the LOVE OF GOD and how is it expressed?
The above questions are not idol questions… they seek to cause one to consider the purpose of abundance and wealth in Christ… They seek to renew the mind toward God’s promise of abundance for all his children.  When the Church examines its gifts and wealth… is there not more than enough for all?  Is it God who withholds the abundance in His storehouses… or man, the STEWARD OF God’s abundance?
Let us all examine our gifts, and the purpose of our wealth… that we may understand the common wealth of God… That, we may be true STEWARDS of God’s gifts…  ONE BODY, ministering to our members effectually in all things; that our common Body may be built up in UNITY, in faith, unto perfection, in Christ.  Let us no longer view our gifts as ours alone or our wealth as personal property… Nay, let us look upon them as God looks upon His own abundance… too, minister it too all His Children, to His own House and Body, that there may be no lack for any good thing.
I call upon those who preach the Gospel of Prosperity… to reexamine what true prosperity in Christ is… and too, repent of their greed and service to mammon rather than God and HIS BODY in the earth.  We are all One Body, of One faith and Baptism in Christ.  Let us act like we are One and let us share the gifts we have that every member of our Body may be supplied with their needs… spiritual and physical. Amen.

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Retired US Army Colonel... Christian, married with two wonderful daughters and granddaughters.
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