We Shall Never Forget

November 11th is Veterans Day… While reflecting upon my commrads at arms who fell in defense of freedom these words came to me:
We Shall Never Forget
Some in their ignorance may never see, others out of fear refuse to beleive… But all who have heard and seen… rivers running red, fields filed with the dead… They, can not in truth forget… The memories of those who bled.
Let the bards of time repent… of days long spent… in somber temples.  For others, did till the hardened earth. Too break the ground, where they do now reap. They, may never sleep… never, alone. For memories of the fallen, do often speak… Too, those who hear their cries… They, do see the earth… open wide.  It’s depths, to embrace, their brothers… burden, whole.
Make no mistake… good times, are remember with heart felt joy. But bitter days, with long lost tears, do well up inside. As quietly we cry for those who did bleed… Bleed red… the fields of liberty… for you and me.
God Bless them, and know, we shall never… forget. We can not.  For, their voices do echo in our memories… their names drift upon the winds of time;  In far away places, they did fall… for those who would be free.  I shall never forget… I can not.
How shall we remember these… our fallen dead… Will it be with tears or some recanted tale of wrongful pride?
RA Nelson
Col. US Army (Ret)

About usar4me

Retired US Army Colonel... Christian, married with two wonderful daughters and granddaughters.
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