In Times Of Solace, When Peace Rests In Our Soul

It is in times of solace, when peace rests in our soul… then we are able to know. Too, know the power of God as He speaks to our soul.  Then, in the quite places of  our heart we draw near to Him and our sin no more lives… but joy, ever abundant joy… fills that once void place in our heart, where love… true love, once rooted… never shall leave.


Here in the quite and reserved places… Where only grace and God converse with our soul… There we find peace.  Peace, that the earth may not know… Peace, that goes beyond the ordinary… too pull down the heavens and too open the seas… too, unveil the depths and riches of God’s Spirit… that we may see, truly see. 


There I drink of the cup of the Lord and am filled… with an overflowing abundance… filled with love and the beauty of His Holiness…  beauty, that words can not tell. Holiness that can only be experienced in Him. I pray that all men… may find this place… Where grace sits silently in peace, within our soul… Where the earth seems so far and the stars open up, to reveal heavens gate… There glories table awaits… the many, who have found solace in His grace.  Amen.


Your Brother in Christ;




Words so often come to me like a flood… Too reveal the mysteries of our hope, to unseal times gate… too, open God’s wonderful blessings… I pray that ye all may experience this hope, of our calling; this high place, where men may not go… Where Spirit touches spirit, and nare a dry eye… For there dearly beloved… life is eternal.



About usar4me

Retired US Army Colonel... Christian, married with two wonderful daughters and granddaughters.
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