Judgment Begins In The House Of The Lord

Many in the Church shall be shaken… houses shall be divided for the revelry and debasement of Christ’s body shall be reproved. God’s Prophet’s shall walk in the midst of the fire… too, chasten the wayward… too, warn the wicked that they may yet repent… But, many will not hear nor receive them for the hardness of their heart they go the way of Korah and the wicked in the wilderness of sin. For Moses reproved them but they would not listen… will ye, yet hear?

Come out of her My People… saith the Lord. Come out of her, that sits upon the beast… Whose, ruby lips and purple garments have entice thee. Whose, wine and song doth bid thee… come make merry, for the Master is long in coming… and the hour is not yet ready. Awake ye, for the time is at hand, and the hour is soon upon thee… Come out of the great whore… Flee her whited sepulcher, her steeples and towers are but monuments too the dead.

For the Mouth of the Lord hath spoken… it shall be done… Judgment begins within the House Of God. What thinkest thou O’ son, that ye are without judgment… chastening or reproving. Nay, for a fire is set in thy midst, one that shall burn away the drought of this world.

Yea, I shall open up the eyes of those who sleep… that they may see and repent of their wickedways… before, the great white throne appears, I shall wash them with My Word and purify them with the sprinkling of My Blood.

Awake, I say awake for the hour is late… and the Son shall soon appear… suddenly out of the East shall He come; even as a thief in the night… Therefore, set a watch upon an high tower… make ready the Bride for the Groom comes in clouds of glory… with a pillar of fire and clouds of smoke… With a great shaking as never has been or shall be again… He comes.



About usar4me

Retired US Army Colonel... Christian, married with two wonderful daughters and granddaughters.
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