America How Far Hath Thou Fallen?

The righteous bring a blessing upon the unrighteous… as God surely causes the rain to fall upon the unjust for the sake of the righteous.   Few there be in this nation whose heart is righteous before God… Certainly, as a government our nation is no longer a Godly nation… It has divorced God and is working to separate it’s people from the love and protection of God… under the guise of separation of Church and state, equality and freedom of religion.
This nation’s government has worked too establish a new world order…  a secular order, one without God.  This nation no longer promotes freedom of religion. It now engages cultural, civil and political practices that promote freedom FROM religion… any religion that serves the One True God… Jesus Christ.
We live in the last hours of this great nation… Once, a beacon of light in a world of darkness, a haven for the oppressed and weary; it is now a harbor for every evil bird, too practice its divination among the people.  Sorcery, and witchcraft once outlawed, are now a mainstay of it’s culture… Rebellion being the soul of both (sorcery and witchcraft).  This nation, is a nation of gainsayers.. Whose, mouth doth flatter God, with a multitude of frivolous words, that cross lying lips.  Prayers are spoken in vain… only, to serve the lust of a wayward and backsliden people.  Repentance is far from the heart of a nation that murders it’s unborn and withholds life from its poor and aged.
Woe, I say woe unto a nation that fills its days feasting upon things of the world… Whose treasure is measured in the quantity of  life… Rather, than quality of it’s spiritual health and service toward God and others.  Woe, I say woe, and again woe, unto a gainsaying people; whose heart is hardened to the truth… who, refuse to hear the warning of the Word of God, or His Prophets… Who refuse to repent of their wicked ways and return unto their God. 
Sudden destruction shall over take her in a day and hour… at a time she thinks secure, the end shall come swiftly.  Her smoke shall rise up before all the nations of the world… a memorial to her wickedness.  For the righteous man shall vanished from her midst, in a moment, caught up in the Lord… There shall not be one just soul that shall remain in her; not one righteous to spare her from destruction. 
The kings of the world shall wonder and lament at her sudden destruction.. the merchant shall morn the loss of her appetite for his wares.  Many shall wonder, whose names are written in the Book of Life… on that great day.  For two shall be in the field and one shall be taken, two shall be upon a roof top and one shall remain.  Let the wise trim their lamps and look up for the Bridegroom cometh… as a thief in the night to take away His own.  America, how far though hath fallen?  How suddenly ye shall be destroyed?

About usar4me

Retired US Army Colonel... Christian, married with two wonderful daughters and granddaughters.
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