The Kingdom of God is at Hand!

The Kingdom is at hand… it is within thee, even now as in the beginning… all things remain the same.
Time and space have no place in the Kingdom…  There eternity has no restraint, no measured beat… to count the days nor too measure the span of God’s Glory.  Here, the clock stops and a new dimension opens to the Spirit… Here, there is no death, no clock to measure the decaying temporal order of this dimension. God is not limited by the wisdom of man nor the petty counsel of man’s so called science…
God set the stars in the firmament of His Glory… His Spirit, spans time and space; too, open up a multitude of dimensions beyond our imagination… for eye hath not seen nor mind imagined what Glory awaits the Saints in God’s Kingdom… Heaven.  We see dimly now as through a glass… visions of Glories promise.  Yet, some would attempt too restrict God’s purpose and His Word to the reasoning of men… too, restrain His unfolding vision to yesterday… Where tomorrow, only calls once again to tomorrow and tomorrow. 
Let us not banter about with man’s wisdom… but live in the Spirit where time and this temporal creation… does not wither and die. Let us live in the Power and might of His Eternal Kingdom… a Kingdom without end.  There we find hope that supersedes the hope of the dying… that lifts us ever higher, to become one with God… as His sons and daughters.  Let us measure our time in the earth… thru the Eye of the Spirit, that we may see the Kingdom of God.  Let us be renewed… born again, in Spirit and Turth… washed of our sins with the Blood of Christ that we may live again, and again and again… where time may not enter and the Word never ends.
We are not of this world nor are we judged by the powers of time and space… temporal authorities pass away.  We are separated from the condemnation of the world by God… that we may reign with Him in eternity.  The Prophets and prophecy… speak of this place in terms that reveal the temporal nature of this life… The Word of God has not ended nor will it ever cease in its revelation… it is Eternal… without END.
One day with the Lord is as a thousand years… WITHOUT measure, without limits in time.  For the Lord in not restricted by time or space… neither is His Word or the Prophet and Prophecy.  All is not fulfilled until the end… of this temporal creation.  When the end comes then all things shall be known and prophecy and the Prophet will no longer be needed; as we shall be one with God… seeing clearly the true nature of His will… as His New and Final Creation (perfect in every way).  The imperfect however need Prophets and Prophecy… they shall not cease as long as time holds the hearts of men; where unbelief and doubt bring men to sin.
Let the Prophet speak and let the spirit of the Prophet be subject to the Word of God…  Judge everything by the witness of God’s Word and Spirit. Then, ye shall not be found wanting… rightly, dividing the Word of God.


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Retired US Army Colonel... Christian, married with two wonderful daughters and granddaughters.
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