O’ Ye Men of Simple Minds

O’ ye men of simple minds… whose, thoughts run in the temporal order of men.  Know ye not that God’s Word is eternal… not bound by the will of men nor the clock of this universe.  For, one would argue as too the author and date of God’s eternal Words of Life… subscribing, the authorship of His Words to men, binding them with the restraints of time and space.
These men think highly of themselves… forgetting the very nature of God.  They attempt too transcribe His Words with the ink of time and too bind them with the history of man.  However, God’s Words are as a diadim… a diamond.  His Word refracts the light in such a manner that no one man has ever completely seen the fullness of its revelation… with each look, one finds even more… until one finally realizes there is no end to God’s Revelation or Word.
It matters little as to when the Word was recorded by man… revealed in the temporal order… of time.  What matters is that we allow the Spirit of God to speak through His Word… That, we may know… that which God would have us to understand.  For, a certain measure of faith is given to each man, while they live in the flesh… That, no man may not think more highly of themselves or their own wisdom… than men should.  For even Paul was afflicted (not perfect)… as were all the Apostles… Yet, they were made perfect in ONE Body… in the Body of Christ.
The mysteries of God are held in the Word of God… to be revealed according to His will toward every man.  That, the Body may be made perfect in UNITY… by faith in Christ…  That the hand may not say to the eye, I need thee not; nor the foot, to the head, depart from me.  Let us remember who we are in Christ, and what our purpose is in the earth… That we may come together, in the unity of the faith, unto the full measure and stature of Christ. 
Be ye therefore, transformed by the renewing of thy mind… through the washing of the Word of God, that ye may present thy body a living sacrifice… Preferring others over thy self, loving those who persecute thee… Even as Christ loved thee.  That ye may prove that which is the good, acceptable, and perfect will of God; which, is thy reasonable service unto God.  Let us be strong in the Spirit and Power of His might… walking not in the concupiscence of the flesh, but in the Power and might of His Spirit and Body of Christ…. the Church of God.
Then, shall ye be made perfect… in Love.  That ye may reflect the life of Christ in the earth.  Amen.

About usar4me

Retired US Army Colonel... Christian, married with two wonderful daughters and granddaughters.
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