The Atheist and Hope’s Dream

The Atheist and Hope’s Dream

Life becomes so much fuller and meaningful when there is hope…  that looks beyond the present… Hope that goes beyond the grave.  Man has such a limited time in the earth that his life seems almost futile… For, the mortality of man is vexation to his eternal… spirit.  Hence, man is never satisfied with his mortality; he is always searching too find something more… the hope of immortality. 

One generation comes only too see another replace it… but all things remain the same under the sun… Men toil in the earth with their hands but never see the fruit of their posterity bloom to its fullest.  The eye is never satisfied with seeing, nor the ear filled with hearing. What is crooked remains, and what is lacking is never filled… for the labor of man, from the beginning, has brought him only to greater toil.   The grass in the field flowers today; only, too whither in the heat of tomorrow… so is man, whose life and hope are in this world, alone.

What is the purpose of man and the end of his days?  Where is his hope?  Hope that opens the door to life’s full potential.  Where is hope that springs eternal, directing man’s purpose; too find his place among the stars… and eternity’s hand?  Who among men has reached out in time and space, too see their end, and too know hope beyond the present; too, find life’s purpose beyond the grave?  He, who has hope in Christ, has touched the Son… The Son of God.  This man no longer thirsts for meaning; his hope and purpose are satisfied, his need too understand is revealed in Jesus Christ… eternities hand.

Consider your ways… look upon the heavens and their glory; inquire, how can they be the product of time and chance… an accident? From, where comes the source and substance of chance, and what measures out time?  How can life evolve from a void and chaos? Except, the present creation, be brought into existence, from another place beyond the current physical reality, how can it be? 

Man searches the depths and the heights of creation… for the physical evidence of the beginning of time and life; but, can not find it in the physical realm.   Man now searches outside the present dimension; too, reach into the depths of his soul, where he hypothesize his creation… only to discover that it is necessary to go beyond the existing body of physic’s, time, and space… Too find the beginning of creation outside his present state of existence.  For, with the mind and soul man is able too see the shadow of things that are… too, hypothesize, God’s creation.  This is the beginning of his search for the Truth… the substance of faith given by God that speaks too a greater reality than the present.

Pure science moves within God… God is the master of Physic’s, time, and space are His creation. God moves in them as He wills, being every where and in everything, from the beginning to the end, all in the same moment, in time and space.  He is the Alpha and Omega. He calls things that are not, as though they are… Bringing creation into existence from things unseen… He folds space, and unleashes the forces of another dimension… A Spiritual dimension and power.

The Christian understands things seen, were created by things unseen… The Word of God is the Creator… Words are unseen. Science is just now discovering the universe is made from elements that transcend the physical realm of our present dimension… Crossing over, from another realm (dimension), into the present.  Quantum physics and quark theory, demonstrate that sub-atomic particles; the basic building blocks of creation, transcend time and space… Changing form matter into energy, and moving between this dimension and others. These building blocks of the universe appear, disappear and reappear… Billions of times in a single second, causing those things that appear, to be made from things that do not appear.

God is a Spirit, He is not limited by the laws of physic’s… time or space. God spans the heavens, the dimensions of time and space bow to Him. He calls those things that are, out of His Glory (His dimension)… into our existence. His handy work is displayed in the glory of the heavens and His creation… revealed that men may see, and wonder.  It is God who commanded the earth into being, and created life… Causing, those things seen, to be made from things unseen.  All, creation was created to serves His purpose and glory… You and I exist for His glorification. 

Mankind was created in the image and likeness of God… too, be His family.  So, that God may walk in the cool of His garden in fellowship, with His creation… with men who FREELY CHOOSE too be with Him.  Man is a free will being… made in the likeness and image of God. He has a body created from the substance of the earth. His body is the physical house of his eternal spirit. The sum of man’s reason and his will are the essence of his soul. His spirit, is the life giving force in his body, and through his soul, man relates and experiences life in the earth, until the end of his days. Man is an ETERNAL living spirit, housed within a physical body, who operates in the earth, as a living… soul.  Man is spirit, body and soul.

It is man’s purpose too find and serve his Creator… God. Too, become God’s partner in the earth and ETERNITY.  This present life is but a shadow of our eternal being… A place where the good seed of God (good men) may be separated from the bad seed (bad men) through the exercise of free will, men choose good from evil… God over sin-Satan.  It is the purpose of mankind to choose God or sin… life or death.  That God may separate unto Himself a body of believers who by their own free will… bound themselves to Him as Lord and God.  God doesn’t want a body of robots… but free will beings to love and obey Him; not by command but by free will.

God created man too be with Him… perfect, in the beginning, until sin entered through free will… not by God’s will but mankind’s.  Man, loves his own flesh more than God.  In the beginning Adam chose to disobey/deny God by choosing his own flesh… his desire for Eve, made from his flesh. However, God made a way to escape the nature too choose the flesh (sin), over God… Through, God’s Love and Grace, by faith in Jesus Christ… man is now delivered from the flesh, sin and death. So that, man may live with God in perfection, as God purposed from the beginning. 

God speaks to man in the earth… through His Word and Spirit; He is saying this day I have set a table, before you… A table of life, I would that you choose life.  Today is the day of your salvation!  However, few there be that choose life, for many will refuse to hear God’s call; the din of their own word and lust for their own flesh, cause man to choose their ways over God’s Word… The way of man leads to the grave, death, and hell.  Who will you choose?  Will you hear the Word of God and be saved? I call heaven and earth to record this day… That you should choose life… in Jesus Christ! 

Believe in the Word of God… Jesus Christ and you shall be saved, you and your household.  Jesus Christ is the Son of God, through faith in Him; you will receive the gift of eternal life, by God’s Grace (unmerited favor).  Will you believe?  Hope waits… knocking at the door of your heart, will you answer?



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Retired US Army Colonel... Christian, married with two wonderful daughters and granddaughters.
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