I Remember


I remember… cold springs, and warm hearts. Days romping in fields, memories of cowboys and Indians… Ball parks and sunny benches. Melted Ice cream and dirty faces.

I remember… the white steeple of the Church… calling too worship… the sound of the choir, singing… Amazing Grace… of seeing my sister there in… lace. My bothers face… pierced thru, with His glory and grace.

I remember… better times and long days. Gardens blooming and children smiling… Mothers, waiving… come home, sweet home. The smell of apple pie… and the cry of children… on every corner.

I remember… Dad’s rough hands, his course, ways… and more… his loving gaze. I remember, so many wondrous things… I can only say… It was God’s glory… that always made my… day.

How about yours?



About usar4me

Retired US Army Colonel... Christian, married with two wonderful daughters and granddaughters.
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