The Door To Strife and Bitterness!


O ye of little faith… how often would I have gathered thee beneath the feathers of My wings; to bring ye comfort from the heat of the day. Yet, ye do fret and strut so; straining at a gnat, while the camel enters through thy front door. With great swelling words you do protest the wearing of fabric… or the plating of another’s hair; while, neglecting the adornment of your spirit.  Why judge ye so harshly and needlessly?

Can I not see the hidden places… am I not able to know your heart? For one complains over the clothes of another; while, over looking the tattered raiment of their own heart. Another, is offended by the appearance of his neighbor, while neglecting to dress his own house. Still some grieve My Spirit with the berating of their brother… when, I would have them restore their brother, in My House. 

The law was given to be your school master that ye may grow up… in understanding and with all saints come into the perfect knowledge and full measure of Jesus Christ… the Word revealed, alive in you! Yet, do I hear the cry of many… over the transgressions of their brothers and sisters. Can I not see? Where is your compassion for those who oppose themselves? Who is among you without sin, let him cast the first stone.

O’ how I tier of this wicked lament… Day after day, long into the darkness, men striving with one another. Be at peace and tend to the work of My House; for the day draws to a close and night approaches… When will ye learn of Me? When will ye be at rest, saith the Lord of lords?

Tend to thy household first, and if thy neighbor offends, lift him up. For, I have already seen and heard of his err; restore such an one with love, giving aid and comfort to those who oppose themselves. Reach out with the hand of charity and give of necessity to thy brother… that which he lacks, and to thy sister counsel with restraint, and the full measure of kindness that I show thee.

Cease, from idle bickering and make straight the way… adorn your hearts with love… Go and buy precious oil for your lamp, while there is yet time. For many grow faint and their lamps dim… saith, the Lord of Host.

Your Brother in Christ;



About usar4me

Retired US Army Colonel... Christian, married with two wonderful daughters and granddaughters.
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