Poetry and the Psalms… the essence that moves the Soul!

Poetry and the psalms are the essence of the soul… they lift the spirit. David was a poet, and many of the prophets wrote in pro’s… a poetic, beat too cause men to hear.  The art of the poet and his craft like much of todays world have undergone great change.
Today, the rapper is the poet and Mio Angelo’s incessant rantings have been called poetic…  Yet, the ear of the hearer still knows, the true poets, pros… his spirit being stirred to run with the wind.  Even the best of todays bards do rarely touch the soul of man as did David and God’s anointed… continue to do! 
What man can read the eloquent lines of the 23d Psalm and not be moved or who can ignore the timber and call of the preacher in Ecclesiastes?  Where comes these Words… whose sound resounds throughout time… Whose meter and beat do measure the days and ways of man… Counting the time, as they long to sing God’s song… That men may hear and know God is near?
I do love the sound of my Lords Spirit… As it speaks to my heart… There is nothing like it, nor can there be.  Cherish therefore the simple things… These Words of light, in a dark world… poems meant for thee and me, Amen.

About usar4me

Retired US Army Colonel... Christian, married with two wonderful daughters and granddaughters.
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2 Responses to Poetry and the Psalms… the essence that moves the Soul!

  1. Ruby says:

    Amen,There is nothing to compare to the uplift of the spirit in these books. Job is another book that ressonates with heavens tune. Bless you, ~Ruby

  2. Ronald says:

    Thanks Ruby

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