To Those Who Would Runaway

To He Who Would Runaway Hear What The Lord Would Say…

The wind bloweth toward the South and turneth about unto the North… only to hasten continually from place to place without rest… searching for a destination, a place to abide. Men who run are like the wind… searching for a place they can not find… For, they seek that which is not of the earth… A place in God, where the wind rests, and the man of God abides.

One generation passeth away and another commeth only to find that nothing has changed… All the rivers run to the sea but the sea is not full… so is man who continually runs from place to place, never too be filed. Yet, peace stands at the door knocking… if one will only open his heart… too let peace enter.

Those who runaway… will find no peace, until they find God’s eternal abode. For the eye is not satisfied with seeing alone, nor the ear filled with hearing… The things that hath been shall be and those things we seek… are already found, if we but have an eye to see and an ear to hear… they are near, nearer to thee than ye think.

I say… nay the Lord would say… Be thou content wherein thou art called… for the days may be long and the nights cold, but the seasons are certain and the way is sure… For in time… Peace will be found, when ye abide in Me, saith the Lord. For the race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong, but to the patient the reward is sure… Look therefore not upon thy present state for such do many whose hope is of late… destroyed for their want and lack… yet, those whose eyes are ever fixed upon the Son… they soar high and lifted up… upon the wings of hope to know peace and love wherever they abide.

Be of good cheer and know that God has a plan for every man… woman and child. Smile and resist the urge to run… wait upon the Son.. and in due season ye shall surely reap of peace and joy… for God has spoken, it shall surely be… The reward of the faithful forever to be… with Him, in Glory. Amen.



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Retired US Army Colonel... Christian, married with two wonderful daughters and granddaughters.
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2 Responses to To Those Who Would Runaway

  1. Ruby says:

    When I think of thedifferent prphets? Elijah ran but he accepted the folly of it and when God gave him his last three jobs after reprimand, went and did as God bade him. Jonah ran because he felt God was unfairly sending him to people he felt were his greatest enemies and no way did he want to take them a nessage of repentance. Felt they well deserved punishment. There is no record in the Bible of Jonah repenting from his rebellious spirit. It tells of him pouting because God forgave these people. It sure gives us no story of him being glad of their repentance. I hope there are not a lot of reluntant messengers today.Blessings ~ Ruby

  2. Ronald says:

    Ruby… Your comments take the very words out of my mouth… Running never settles anything, it only brings more sorrow and pain. Jonah ran only to find he could not hide from God. Instead he suffered, many afflictions untill in the belly of the whale he committed to God\’s will. Elijah ran from Jezebel because he feared her more than God… Only too find that God was waiting for him under the Juniper tree. Man can run but he can not hide… God gave Elijah strength to complete his calling… and a helper/succesor Elisha… that he should not fear that the Word of God would perish with him.We are too learn from these examples… That if God be for us no one can be against us…Prophet.

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