Give and It Shall Be Given Unto Thee

Hear O’ Lord of heaven, and open the vaults of our heart, that we may give of the wealth of our hands… That, those who lack may no longer want… That the Children of God may be made full.

O’ son of man… The wealth of the world is laid up for thee and thy house… Yet, many go wanting.  For a few would hold back the gifts of God; withholding the promise of love… Will ye, therefore, turn a blind eye to thy brother?

Where comes this spirit of greed… that binds the soul to the earth?  Can ye not hear the Word of God as it calls unto thee… Give and it shall be given unto thee.  For, what is better… to live with great wealth, in darkness…

Or, too reign in glory, with a soul full and content? Do ye not know… that it is better to give than to receive. Have ye no compassion, for the lost and the hungry?  Ye think too be rich but ye are poor… 

Ye think to be clothed in fine raiment but ye are naked.  For, I tell ye the poorest among thee, is clothed with glory… While, thy robes waste away; consumed in time, by vanity and thy pride.

Soon ye shall awake… too, the sound of the trumpet, and the Great Day of the Lord… When, every man shall give an account of the riches he posses… Some, unto righteousness and glory… Others, too carry the burden of their greed…

For in this life wealth, without compassion… forges a chain that cannot be borne… in the light to come.  Repent, go and sell all ye have and distribute too the poor, the widow and fatherless… Give mercy and grace to those of lesser estate and thy Father which art in heaven shall reward thee with eternal wealth…. riches that mouth nor worm may not corrupt.  Amen.



About usar4me

Retired US Army Colonel... Christian, married with two wonderful daughters and granddaughters.
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