Too Touch The Stars


If I could but once reach out and touch the stars… too, hold a bit of heaven in my soul. Then, I could rest from this weary trek… and bow my head.


For there… I find, God’s house; where silence pierces the soul… with peace, the mind can not… know. There, for a mantel, I ware God’s… grace. There, never to be, left… behind.


Oft times I wonder and muse… too, open heavens Gates with my minds eye… Too,  behold the beauty of His Holiness… high and lifted up! There, He sits upon His…thrown; His Glory revealed, too His…. own. 


Then, His call… I can hear.  A pleasant sound, ringing in my ear! Resounding, over and over, singing His name… Jesus the same yesterday, today, and forever…  Lord and savior of all. Can you hear Him call? 


Come, listen… hear, His call.  For God’s grace is near…  Can you hear, O’ man of pain and sorrows… many.  Lift up thine eye, even now; no more too… cry! For God has heard from heaven on… high.


Be at peace, and know God is in control… Thy soul no more, need burden… bare. For He hath born, thy every… care.  When, once ye rest in heavens… gate.  There time waits… there, it is never  too, late.  Amen.




Thank you dear Jesus for your Word… it refreshes my soul.


About usar4me

Retired US Army Colonel... Christian, married with two wonderful daughters and granddaughters.
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One Response to Too Touch The Stars

  1. Ruby says:

    Poetry is the music of the soul. Things like this ressonate into the spiritual essence of one. I love your minds reasonings.Blessings, ~Ruby

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