Awake Ye Who Sleep In Slumber’s Grip… Awake!

Heavenly Father… let us lay aside our sin and pickup your Word that Love may reside where hate and adversity once lived. Let us no more war in the flesh but live in the Spirit… that we may set men free. Come quicken thy Spirit within us and bring us too know thy perfect will… and that which we must do.


Awake O My soul and sing a new song… that men may hear  and see the wonders of its harmony. Let every man come and drink in the beauty of holiness… and sing. For, the day comes when the breath of man shall struggle to find life, and the song of the Spirit shall be heard no more…


Woe, unto this wicked generation, that slay the innocent in their mothers’ womb… That lay up treasure in the season of their flesh. For, there gathers an Eastern storm; such that the sun shall be hidden in the darkness of its rage… The winds do mount up, too touch the heavens, and the light in the heart of man grows dim… Night approaches… clouds do menace the soul of man. The angel of darkness stands with a scepter, in his right hand… too reign over the wicked, for a season and a time… and a half.


Awake, ye who sleep in slumber’s grip… Whose hearts were once filled with the knowledge of the Son. Behold, the moon hath cast her shadow upon thy soul and… taken captive thy hope. For wherein doth thou hope O man… in thine own self?  Thou doth, look for comfort, in the midst of the storm about thee… yet safe harbor is not found and thy tower is broken down. Thou art, laid waste at the foundation… of thy soul.


Woe, unto this perverse generation… whose hearts are open to the lusts of the flesh and the powers of this world. For, in the flesh ye have plowed a field and sown too sorrow… Expecting, to reap a better tomorrow… Only, too see thy seed wither… where it lay. For the world without the Son is a barren rock… upon which, no man may stand… a shadow of man’s… own vanity.


Where then is thy hope O man, and in whom doth thou trust… For with thy mouth thou dost serve the Lord, but with thine heart, thou dost hold to the world… Let go and come drink of My cup, saith the Lord, and be satisfied… Thirst no more. Come, eat of My flesh and be full… for Iam the Lord, Jehovah Giarrah… God, that supplies all thy needs.


Abandon not the old land marks, and keep the faith, while there is yet light… for I come quickly to gather of My fields; too, take up of My flock and vineyard; that, which is mine saith, the Lord of Hosts… Amen.


Given this 2d day of December in the year of our Lord 2007…




About usar4me

Retired US Army Colonel... Christian, married with two wonderful daughters and granddaughters.
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One Response to Awake Ye Who Sleep In Slumber’s Grip… Awake!

  1. Ruby says:

    I love this. There is truth. There is hope. There is light. There is the Spirit of God in rebuke but also in genlte love. I feel uplifted reading your words.Blessings,Ruby

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